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Ariana Grande Breaks Silence On Ethan Slater

Mar 01
Ariana Grande Breaks Silence On Ethan Slater
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Ariana Grande Breaks Silence On Ethan Slater

In a candid interview, Ariana Grande gets real about the challenges of love and the release of her upcoming album “Eternal Sunshine.” The pop sensation didn’t hold back as she shared her thoughts on navigating misunderstandings in relationships, all while teasing her highly anticipated music project.

Addressing recent speculation surrounding her romance with boyfriend Ethan Slater, Ariana revealed the toll that public scrutiny can take on personal relationships. Without delving into specifics, she expressed frustration over the misinterpretation of her feelings for loved ones. It’s a sentiment many can relate to, as Ariana described the “hellish feeling” of watching people misunderstand those closest to her.

While Ariana didn’t name names, it’s clear she’s alluding to the rumors and backlash that surrounded her relationship last year. Amid her split from husband Dalton Gomez, news of her romance with Wicked co-star Ethan Slater stirred up headlines. Despite the drama, sources clarified that there was no overlap between Ariana and Ethan’s previous marriages.

Ariana Grande Breaks Silence


Discussing her new album “Eternal Sunshine,” Ariana couldn’t help but joke about the timing of its release amidst personal turmoil. With parts of the album touching on real-life experiences and others tied to conceptual themes, Ariana admitted feeling nervous about how it would be received. Nevertheless, she’s excited for fans to experience the music, joking that “the vinyls have been printed.”

Despite the ups and downs, Ariana remains hopeful for the future with Ethan. Sources close to the singer revealed that she sees a promising journey ahead and is eager for a fresh start in the new year. As anticipation builds for both her personal life and musical endeavors, fans can’t wait to see what’s next for Ariana Grande.

With her signature blend of honesty and humor, Ariana continues to captivate audiences with her raw authenticity and unwavering talent. Stay tuned for more updates on Ariana’s journey of love, music, and everything in between.

Ariana Grande Breaks Silence

Top 3 Ariana Drama Moments:

  1. Donut-Licking Incident: In July 2015, a surveillance video surfaced showing Ariana Grande licking donuts on display at a bakery in California while saying, “I hate Americans. I hate America.” The incident led to widespread backlash and criticism, with many accusing Ariana of disrespectful behavior and unpatriotic sentiments. She later apologized for her actions, attributing them to frustration over unhealthy eating habits in America.
  2. Breakup with Pete Davidson: Ariana’s whirlwind romance and engagement to comedian Pete Davidson in 2018 captured headlines. However, their relationship quickly became tabloid fodder, with intense media scrutiny and speculation surrounding their breakup later that year. The public nature of their romance and subsequent split sparked drama and discussion among fans and the media alike.
  3. Feud with Wendy Williams: In November 2019, Ariana Grande found herself in a feud with talk show host Wendy Williams. The conflict began when Williams made comments about Ariana’s appearance, questioning her age and suggesting she looked like a teenager. Ariana responded via Twitter, calling out Williams for her comments and asserting her right to express herself as she chooses. The incident sparked a debate about body shaming and celebrity scrutiny in the media.

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