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Charli D’amelio

Actor/ Actress, Tik Toker

Charli D’amelio

Actor/ Actress, Tik Toker
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    Norwalk, CT
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Charli D’amelio

Charli D'amelio is one of social media's top ranking influencers. She has over 48 million followers on instagram and over 143 followers on TikTok. Charli was born in Norwalk, Connecticut. Later, she moved to Los Angeles with her family to help grow her career. In 2019, Charli D'amelio created her TikTok account, originally posting content like lip-synching and dancing videos. She already had a small following on instagram, and soon saw her TikTok channel reach extraordinary heights. Charli has proven her TikTok royalty by being the first person on the platform to reach 100 million followers. Since then, her followers and fame has skyrocketed, allowing her brand and business to flourish. Today, she creates a wide variety of content on instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Charli and her family also starred in a Netflix documentary about their life titled The D'amelio Show. This series showed the world a different side of the D'amelio family. It shows how fame has impacted their lives, and how they've learned to grow with their new lives. Both Charli and her sister Dixie opened up about their struggles coping with the toll fame has had on their lives. Both sisters have managed to continue to dominate the social media world. Charli's father, Marc D'Amelio, is a former Connecticut Senate. Her mother, Heidi D'Amelio, is a former professional model. Charli has one sibling, Dixie D'Amelio who has also rose to fame due to her popular social media content and music. Her family has become a huge part of her brand, both parents frequently showing up in her content. Even though Charli is no longer in the Hype House, she's still friends with all of the members, such as Thomas Petrou, Alex Warren, Nikita Dragun, and Vinnie Hacker. It's rumored that Charli and Dixie both decided to leave the Hype House due to it feeling too much like work and not a fun environment as it once was.

Born and raised in Norwalk, Connecticut, Charli started dancing at three years old. Charli was a competitive dancer for over 10 years before starting her TikTok account. Dancing helped her become a sensation on the app and gave her the upper hand in curating some of today’s most viral dances.

When Charli D’amelio was 3 years old, she began dancing, becoming a competitive dancer for 10 years before starting her TikTok career and becoming a TikTok star.

Charli D’amelio also attended a private school in Stamford, Connecticut, called King School, though she had to revert to virtual education following her success on TikTok.


Since starting her TikTok career in 2019, Charli’s career started when she was 15 years old. She joined the famous Hype House, a group of TikTok’s hottest influencers.

Charli performed alongside Bebe Rexha during a Jonas Brothers concert in 2019. She has appeared in numerous commercials for brands such as Dunkin Donuts and Sabra Hummus. Other notable projects Charli has worked on are a Morphe Cosmetics line and starring in the film StarDog and TurboCat.

The Blow-up Sensation

Most people are shocked to learn that Charli D’amelio has already earned millions of dollars, and she’s quite young. She joined TikTok in 2019 and became an overnight sensation.

In 2020, she had over 50 million followers, jumped to 123.6 million in 2021, and is right around 144.5 million now. The young woman displaced Loren Gray, who was the first TikTok user to get that many followers!

While she gained fame from being part of the TikTok Hype House, she now has her own reality TV show. People were also interested in her messy breakup with fellow TikTok user and star Chase Hudson.

How She Makes Her Money

Charli D’amelio uses sponsored content to make her money. In fact, she charges about $100,000 for each sponsored post, according to Celebrity Net Worth. This means she only does 10 sponsored ads annually and makes $1 million!

TikTok isn’t the only platform that Charli D’amelio dominates. She earns through her ad revenue on YouTube, which has 9.53 million subscribers so far. Plus, Charli earns money through Super Bowl Commercials. Did you see her Sabra Hummus ad? This lady was only there for about two seconds and made $1 million!

Overall, 2020 was her year. Charli D’amelio had over 100 million followers, earned herself a nomination for Social Star, and released a first book entitled Essentially Charli: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping it Real. This woman knows how to market herself. You also have to think about the merchandise Charli D’amelio sells!

Then, in 2021, she was featured in one episode of Here for It with Avani Gregg, a popular Facebook Messenger series. Charli was also in a music video for “America’s Sweetheart” from Lil Huddy in 2021.

She and her sister co-created the Social Tourist apparel brand through Hollister, becoming the face of it, too. After that, they partnered with Simmons Bedding Company, designing and releasing the Charlie & Dixie Simmons mattress.

Reality TV Star

The D’Amelio Show is now streaming on Hulu, so she and her sister Dixie D’amelio get a cut of that check. Since they are headliners, those are likely to be big bucks.

While the details of the deal aren’t public yet, some have called the production a high-profile series featuring TikTok stars. Plus, the show has been renewed for its second season!

Traditional Acting Roles

While Charli D’amelio is focused on her Hulu show, she’s gotten other paydays from Hollywood. Recently she made a film debut, lending her voice to a character in a new animated movie, StarDog and Turbo Cat.

The Podcast

Overall, Charli and her sister Dixie let fans into their lives on TikTok and their Hulu reality show. However, they also cohost a podcast. It’s called Charli and Dixie: 2 Chix. It launched in 2020 and offers fans a way to discover who Charli D’amelio and her older sister are as daughters, individuals, stars, and friends.

Beauty Collections

Charli D’amelio and her sister announced their new partnership with Morphe Cosmetics in 2020.

In a sense, Charli told Allure that she and her sister want to work together to show that people can be beautiful with and without makeup. Feel confident and wear as little or as much as you want!

The collaboration is successful because the D’amelio sisters ended up dropping another collection in 2021 with Morphe 2. The multipurpose palettes are called Quad Goals.

These sisters have also worked with Orosa Beauty on its nail polish collections. Charli D’amelio started in 2020 and just released the latest one in 2021. It was Coastal Craze, a limited edition option.

Charli D’amelio – Net Worth

Many popular outlets, including Celebrity Net Worth, claim that Charli D’amelio is up to $20 million, which is about $8 million more than 2021. This might have something to do with her earning $17-$18 million just in 2021. However, much of that cash goes to her overhead, taxes, and other requirements.

Forbes has put Charli D’amelio as the number-one earner on TikTok, so her net worth should jump higher next year. Can you imagine that this young woman got started with dance videos and is now the reigning queen of TikTok? She’s certainly got more options for advertising now and other ways to control the space.

Charli has made headlines for her past flings. She is most famously known for dating Chase Hudson, a former Hype House member. Their relationship ended in 2020.

Charli is rumored to be dating Travis Barker’s Son, Landon Baker. The two have only been dating for a few weeks.


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