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Kendrick Lamar


Kendrick Lamar

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    Compton, California
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Kendrick Lamar

Back in 2003, is when Kendrick Lamar first started his career as a musician. What he didn’t know back then is the success that he would encounter that would change his life forever. His career has been full of ups and downs as he won and lost some awards and have taken breaks to help focus on his creative potential. When Kendrick Lamar first started his career, he was only 16 at the time and released a mixtape that found success with a record label. It was a very small label but a label none the less. Although this wouldn’t seem big at the time, it was just the start to something amazing that he was going to experience. Eventually he gets a deal from other bigger labels around 2008. In 2010 is when his career really took off. Kendrick Lamar performed on huge stages and started doing tours of his own around the world. He was able to draw in huge audiences that came to see his music. Most of his songs reach the tops of the billboard charts and he gains praise by every sort of celebrity that you can imagine. His music makes the radio and exposing even more of the world to his music. Quickly, he becomes a very famous celebrity who gets an invite to perform on even bigger platforms. In 2013, he became Grammy worthy and was nominated for seven Grammy awards that really ultimately, proved his worth as an artist. He eventually made a comeback in 2016 when he won five Grammys as a rap artist. Kendrick Lamar even won best rap album. Billboard and Rolling stone recognized him as a top performer. He was on top of all of their charts. He then collaborated and did soundtracks for movies including Black Panther and Damn. These are very popular and find much success.

He grew up being the son of gang members and had a lot of young influence from them. He proved he was not destined for that though by graduating at the top of the class.

He has had a long career that has spanned from 2003 to current day where he does a lot of collaborations with others.

He has been associated with a lot of celebs and record contracts. He has had quite the successful career and it shows.

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