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Symonne Harrison

Actor/ Actress, Singer, Tik Toker

Symonne Harrison

Actor/ Actress, Singer, Tik Toker
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    Cleveland, Ohio
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Symonne Harrison

Symonne is a popular teen actress, dancer, singer, YouTuber and TikTok star. She has over 3.3 million followers on TikTok, 100 million views on her YouTube channel and 1.3 million followers on her Instagram . As an actress, Symonne has appeared in the Golden Globe-winning Showtime series, The Affair, the Nickelodeon show, Hot Mess and she starred in the Brat series, Crown Lake. She has released two original songs, “With You”  and “Hollywood Dream.”
Before fame, Symonne began dancing at two years old and began her acting career at the age of seven. She danced competitively from the age of seven to eleven. Early in her career she danced in her hometown for the Cleveland Cavaliers, as well as performing at Walt Disney World.
Symonne is also an inventor. At the age of six, she invented the  product, Bear On The Chair, and holds a design patent for it. Bear On The Chair is sold on Amazon and in select Learning Express stores.
Symonne was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. At the age of 11, she moved with her family to Los Angeles to further pursue her acting career and continues to reside in Los Angeles.   Symonne Harrison was born on June 19, 2006. She is a Gemini and was born in Cleveland, Ohio. At a young age she's always been interested in acting and dance. Symonne still resides in her hometown and she's finishing up high school locally. There's no doubt about it that once she's graduated she may move to Los Angeles or another state to help focus on her career in acting. As a child, she competes in many different dance competitions. She's has awards for her performances, proving she has the skills to be a professional.   Symonne Harrison's goal in life as a child was to be a famous actor. She's certainly on her way to achieve this goal. Symonne appears in the hit HBO show called The Affair. This is a great opportunity for her because it opens up other doors for her, especially once she gets into her adulthood. Other collaborations she's been a part of is being a brand ambassador for brands like Beach Waver and Lip Smacker. Symonne Harrison grew up with her mother and father. Her dad's name is Jim and her mother's name is Tania. She's has one younger sibling, but they aren't usually in the public eye. Symonne Harrison's dad works in business and her mother takes care of things around the house. As far as relationships go, Symonne Harrison was in a long-term serious relationship with TikTok star Nick Bencivengo. They confirmed their split publicly in 2022. Ayden Mekus is also one of Symonne's exes. Symonne Harrison has danced for the Cleveland Cavaliers, a local basketball team. Her focus now is on school and continuing to build her social media brands and platforms. Her goal is to continue to be an influencer. She has a net worth of over $3 million dollars which is very impressive, especially for someone of her age.

Symonne Harrison was born and raised in Ohio. She is enrolled in High School in her home town.

Symonne Harrison’s career is heavily focused around acting and dance. She participates in competitions and is an ambassador for certain brands.

She is known for her role in The Affair on HBO. Also associated with Lip Smacker and Beach Waver.

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