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Big Sky

Crime, Drama
  • Seasons

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    Amazon Prime Video
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Big Sky

Big Sky, an American crime drama created for Amazon Prime Video by David E. Kelley, aired for the first time November 17, 2020. Not long after the first season premiered, it renewed for a second season. The second season aired September 30, 2021. After the second season aired, it renewed for a third season. The third season’s expected to air September 21, 2022. The first season consists of 16 episodes, whereas the second season consists of 18 episodes.

Big Sky follows the lives of Cassie Dewell, Cody Hoyt, and Cody’s wife and ex-cop Jenny Hoyt. They end up teaming up with Jenny because they need help when two girls wind up kidnapped. The two girls, who are also sisters, find themselves taken by a truck driver in the state of Montana. Throughout the series, they discover that there are other girls who have gone missing in that same exact area.聽 It now shows their struggle to try and find the killer and stop him, before another girl winds up kidnapped.

On Big Sky, they end up finding the girls that the driver kidnapped, though the truck driver got away. Now Jenny and Cassie must join forces to try and get the killer in custody before he attacks again. Not only do they have to find the truck driver, but they also have other mysteries that need to be resolved as well. In season two the truck driver is still at large and they must find him.

Since Big Sky aired it has received some mixed reviews. Some critics state that the series has a shaky setup that isnt doing the show any good. Whereas, other critics state that they loved it. They also claimed that if you are someone that likes fast paced mysteries, then this would be the show for you. Overall, the reviews for this series have been pretty mixed and split down the middle.

  • Season One

    S1 E16 路 Love Is a Strange and Dangerous Thing
    S1聽E15 路 Bitter Roots
    S1聽E14 路 Nice Animals
    S1聽E13 路 White Lion
    S1聽E12 路 No Better Than Dogs
    S1聽E11 路 All Kinds of Snakes
    S1聽E10 路 Catastrophic Thinking
    S1聽E9 路 Let It Be Him
    S1聽E8 路 The End Is Near
    S1聽E7 路 I Fall to Pieces
    S1聽E6 路 The Wolves Are Always Out for Blood
    S1聽E5 路 A Good Day to Die
    S1聽E4 路 Unfinished Business
    S1聽E3 路 The Big Rick
    S1聽E2 路 Nowhere to Run
    S1聽E1 路 Pilot
  • Season Two

    S2 E18 路 Catch a Few Fish
    S2聽E17 路 Family Matters
    S2聽E16 路 Keys to the Kingdom
    S2聽E15 路 The Muffin or the Hammer
    S2聽E14 路 Dead Man’s Float
    S2聽E13 路 The Shipping News
    S2聽E12 路 A Good Boy
    S2聽E11 路 Do No Harm
    S2聽E10 路 Happy Thoughts
    S2聽E9 路 Trust Issues
    S2聽E8 路 The End Has No End
    S2聽E7 路 Little Boxes
    S2聽E6 路 Heart-shaped Charm
    S2聽E5 路 Mother Nurture
    S2聽E4 路 Gettin’ Right to It
    S2聽E3 路 You Have to Play Along
    S2聽E2 路 Huckleberry
    S2聽E1 路 Wakey, Wakey

The reviews for this series have been pretty mixed.


Katheryn Winnick as Jenny Hoyt

Kylie Bunbury as Cassie Dewell

Brian Geraghty as Ronald Pergman

Valerie Mahaffey as Helen Pergman

Dedee Pfeiffer as Denise Brisbane

Natalie Alyn Lind as Danielle Sullivan

Jesse James Keitel as Jerrie Kennedy聽

Jade Pettyjohn as Grace Sullivan

John Carroll Lynch as Rick Legarski

Lynch as Wolfgang “Wolf” Legarski

Ryan Phillippe as Cody Hoyt

Ted Levine as Horst Kleinsasser

Anja Savcic as Scarlet Leyendecker

Janina Gavankar as Ren Bhullar

Logan Marshall-Green as Travis Stone

Omar Metwally as Mark Lindor


Brooke Smith as Merrilee Legarski

Gage Marsh as Justin Hoyt

Jeffrey Joseph as Joseph Dewell

Gabriel Jacob-Cross as Kai Dewell

Patrick Gallagher as Sheriff Walter Tubb

Camille Sullivan as Joanie Sullivan

Chad Willett as Robert Sullivan

Sharon Taylor as Commander Elena Sosa

Zo毛 Noelle Baker as Phoebe Leyendecker,

Michael Raymond-James as Blake Kleinsasser

Britt Robertson as Cheyenne Kleinsasser

Kyle Schmid as John Wayne “JW” Kleinsasser

Ryan Dorsey as Rand Kleinsasser

Michelle Forbes as Margaret Kleinsasser

Carlos G贸mez as Gil Amaya

Michelle Veintimilla as Rosie Amaya

Sebastian Roch茅 as Sheriff Wagy

Rachel Colwell as Angela

Arturo Del Puerto as T-Lock聽

Michael Malarkey as Deputy Harvey

J. Anthony Pena as Deputy Poppernak

T.V. Carpio as Rachel聽

Madelyn Kientz as Max聽

Jeremy Ray Taylor as Bridger聽

Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson as Harper聽

Lola Skye Reid as Madison聽

Romy Rosemont as Agatha聽

Ryan O’Nan as Donno

David Meunier as Dietrich聽

Vinny Chhibber as Jag Bhullar

Jinder Mahal as Dhruv

Constance Zimmer as Alicia聽

Bernard White as Veer Bhullar聽

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