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Claim to Fame

Competition Show
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Claim to Fame

Claim to Fame, a challenge show hosted by brothers Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas, aired for the very first time on Hulu July 11, 2022. This series currently only has one season with two episodes aired. Because this series just started, new episodes of Claim to Fame air every single week on Hulu.

The series Claim to Fame follows 12 different contestants. All these contestants are there to try to win the grand prize of $100,000. These 12 contestants all have famous relatives and have lived in their shadow their whole life. This show strives to challenge them to escape their family member’s shadow and challenges them to all live together. In this show, they are required to keep their identities a secret, in order to try and create a life of fame for themselves without their family member’s help.

In Claim to Fame, the contestants will compete in a series of different competitions. These competitions serve to show the people their competing against, and the fans watching, what they can do outside of their families shadow. The main point of this show, is to guess what famous person each of the contestants are related to. And at the end someone will win a huge prize of $100,000.

Since Claim to Fame aired, it has received a huge amount of love with a little bit of negativity. Critics have stated that it is so hard not to consume yourself in this show. They claim that once you start trying to guess who each contestant is related to, it is extremely hard to stop guessing. Other critics state that its not worth the watch and that the execution of the show was extremely poor. Overall, since its release it has received an array of mixed reviews, though a lot of them are good.

  • Season One

    S1 E2 · Along Came a Spider
    S1 E1 · It’s All Relative

The reviews for this series has been pretty mixed.

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