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Reservation Dogs

Comedy, Drama
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Reservation Dogs

Reservation Dogs, an Indigenous American comedy-drama created for Hulu by Sterlin Harjo and Taika Waititi, aired for the first time August 9, 2021.  One month after the first season aired, it renewed for a second season. The second season airs August 3, 2022. This series is actually the first series that has all Indigenous writers, directors, and almost a fully Indigenous cast.

Reservation Dogs follows the lives of Oklahoma Indigenous teenagers. These four teenagers are known to spend most of their days committing and also fighting crime. Prior to the series, they had a friend named Daniel that passed away. Daniel’s dream was always to move to California, though, he never got to before he passed. The group of four friends have a dream to move to California just like Daniel wanted to do. Before they can all move to California together to fulfill Daniel’s dream, they have a lot they need to do. This series follows the teenagers as they try to tie up all of their loose ends when it comes to their personal lives and their community. It also follows them as they try to make preparations to move to California.

Since Reservation Dogs aired, there has been an outpour of good reviews from critics. Many critics have stated that this series was incredibly enjoyable to watch and gave a unique perspective on things. They also stated that its nice to watch a show all about a Reservation, created by people who have had experiences on a Reservation. Critics say that its extremely refreshing to see a show that very accurately depicts the lives of Indigenous Americans. They state its way better than watching a show made by an outsider that has no idea what they are talking about. Overall, this series has received many great reviews from critics.

  • Season One

    S1 E8 · Satvrday
    S1 E7 · California Dreamin’
    S1 E6 · Hunting
    S1 E5 · Come and Get Your Love
    S1 E4 · What About Your Dad
    S1 E3 · Uncle Brownie
    S1 E2 · NDN Clinic
    S1 E1 · F*ckin’ Rez Dogs

This series has received extremely good reviews.


Devery Jacobs as Elora Danan Postoak

D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai as Bear Smallhill

Lane Factor as Cheese

Paulina Alexis as Willie Jack


Sarah Podemski as Rita

Zahn McClarnon as Officer Big

Dallas Goldtooth as William “Spirit” Knifeman

Gary Farmer as Uncle Brownie

Lil Mike as Mose

Funny Bone as Mekko

Elva Guerra as Jackie

Jack Maricle as White Steve

Jude Barnett as Bone Thug Dog

Xavier Bigpond as Weeze,

Dalton Cramer as Daniel

Kirk Fox as Kenny Boy

Matty Cardarople as Ansel

Jon Proudstar as Leon

Kimberly Guerrero as Auntie B, Willie Jack’s aunt

Casey Camp-Horinek as grandmother at clinic

Keland Lee Bearpaw as Danny Bighead


Garrett Hedlund as David

Macon Blair as Rob

Darryl W. Handy as Cleo

Kaniehtiio Horn as Deer Lady

Sten Joddi as Punkin Lusty

Rhomeyn Johnson as Miles

Geraldine Keams as Elora’s grandmother

Bobby Lee as Dr. Kang

Migizi Pensoneau as Ray Ray

Jennifer Podemski as Willie Jack’s mom

Jana Schmieding as Clinic receptionist

Wes Studi as Bucky

Richard Ray Whitman as Old Man Fixico

Bobby Wilson as Jumbo

Bill Burr as Garrett Bobson (Chukogee)

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