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The Terminal List

Action, Thriller
  • Seasons

  • Tv Network

    Amazon Prime Video
  • Premiere


The Terminal List

The Terminal List, an American action thriller created for Amazon Prime Video by David DiGilio, aired for the very first time July 1, 2022. After season one aired, it very quickly became the service’s number one show after only two weeks after the release date. There has been no word currently of there being a season two.

The Terminal List follows James Reece, who is a Lieutenant Commander. The series follows his life after his Navy SEALs platoon gets ambushed during a mission they were on. Throughout the series you see James struggling with the memories of what happened on the mission. He is able to return home to his family, though when he does return home. His mind’s constantly bombarded with these memories. He is constantly questioning if he is the one at fault for the attack.

Throughout The Terminal List, you start to see new evidence about the event come to light. He finds out that there are people working against him. And that they are not only going to put his life at risk. But also the lives of his family and every single person that he loves. These people plotting against him will go to the most extreme lengths possible. Because they want to make sure the truth about everything stays buried. After discovering those he loved most are dead, he sets out on a mission of his own to kill the people that took his loved ones from him.

Since The Terminal List aired, it has received some mixed reviews from critics, though most are pretty good. Some critics have stated that it is a great military action series. They stated that there were no soft part to this series, that it was all strictly action, which a lot of people liked. Overall, the series received pretty good reviews.

  • Season One

    S1 E1 · The Engram
    S1 E2 · Encoding
    S1 E3 · Consolidation
    S1 E4 · Detachment
    S1 E5 · Disruption
    S1 E6 · Transience
    S1 E7 · Extinction
    S1 E8 · Reclamation

This series has received some mixed reviews, though most are generally good.


Chris Pratt as Lieutenant Commander James Reece

Constance Wu as Katie Buranek

Taylor Kitsch as Ben Edwards

Riley Keough as Lauren Reece

Arlo Mertz as Lucy Reece

Jeanne Tripplehorn as Lorraine Hartley


Nick Chinlund as Rear Admiral Gerald Pillar

Matthew Rauch as Captain Leonard Howard

LaMonica Garrett as Commander Bill Cox

Patrick Schwarzenegger as Special Warfare Operator Second Class Donald “Donny” Mitchell

Jared Shaw as Special Warfare Operator First Class Ernest “Boozer” Vickers

Tyner Rushing as Liz Riley

Arturo Castro as Jordan Groff

Jai Courtney as Steve Horn

Paul McCrane as Dr. Mike Tedesco

Stephen Bishop as Richard Fontana

J. D. Pardo as Tony Layun

Christina Vidal as Mackenzie ‘Mac’ Wilson

Drew Starkey as Junior Alba

Alexis Louder as Nicole Deptul

Hiram A. Murray as Jackson


Warren Kole as NCIS Special Agent Josh Holder

Justin Garza as Petty Officer, First Class Victor Ramirez

Tom Amandes as Vic Campbell

Catherine Dyer as Rachel Campbell

Marco Rodríguez as Marco Del Toro

Sean Gunn as Saul Agnon

Carsten Norgaard as Elias Ryberg

Geoff Pierson as Senator Joe Pryor

Patricia de Leon as Paola Del Toro

Renata Friedman as Anne Howard

Jack Yang as Brian Buranek

Nicole Steinwedell as Deborah Buranek

Nate Boyer as Luke Malick

Remi Adeleke as Terrell “Tee” Daniels

Derek Phillips as FBI Senior Special Agent Stephen Ramsay

Butch Klein as Marcus Boykin

Jack Carr as Adrian Gordonis (cameo)

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