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The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead, an American post-apocalyptic series, created by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard, aired for the first time on October 31, 2010 on AMC. Now The Walking Dead airs on Netflix as well. The series has had a long run of 11 seasons. The series is currently on the 11th and final season which split into three parts. The first and second part of season 11 has already aired, though the final part of the season has not yet aired.

The Walking dead follows the lives of survivors after the sudden onset of a zombie apocalypse that has occurred worldwide. In The Walking Dead, the zombies, most frequently referred to as “walkers” prey on anything living and attract to anything loud. The sound of yelling, gunshots, and can smell if you are a living being. Many believed that you have to be bitten or scratched by these walkers to turn into one yourself. Though the series reveals a shocking truth that all humans that die, will turn into a walker. This happens no matter what because everyone has the disease that caused it inside of them.

In The Walking Dead, not only are the walkers a huge threat to humans, other humans also prove to be a big threat to the group this series follows. Throughout the seasons, they encounter many other groups of people that prove to be extremely dangerous. Sometimes maybe even more dangerous than the walkers. This series follows their lives as they all try to survive everyday threats and make it out alive.

Overall, The Walking Dead has been a huge success. This series has one of the biggest and most dedicated, die-hard fans of any other series. Since its release in 2010, the series has received amazing reviews for the most part. Though season 7 and 8 received not the best reviews.

  • Season One

    S1 E1 · Days Gone By
    S1 E2 · Guts
    S1 E3 · Tell It to the Frogs
    S1 E4 · Vatos
    S1 E5 · Wildfire
    S1 E6 · TS-19
  • Season Two

    S2 E1 · What Lies Ahead
    S2 E2 · Bloodletting
    S2 E3 · Save the Last One
    S2 E4 · Cherokee Rose
    S2 E5 · Chupacabra
    S2 E6 · Secrets
    S2 E7 · Pretty Much Dead Already
    S2 E8 · Nebraska
    S2 E9 · Triggerfinger
    S2 E10 · 18 Miles Out
    S2 E11 · Judge, Jury, Executioner
    S2 E12 · Better Angels
    S2 E13 · Beside the Dying Fire
  • Season Three

    S3 E1 · Seed
    S3 E2 · Sick
    S3 E3 · Walk with Me
    S3 E4 · Killer Within
    S3 E5 · Say the Word
    S3 E6 · Hounded
    S3 E7 · When the Dead Come Knocking
    S3 E8 · Made to Suffer
    S3 E9 · The Suicide King
    S3 E10 · Home
    S3 E11 · I Ain’t a Judas
    S3 E12 · Clear
    S3 E13 · Arrow on the Doorpost
    S3 E14 · Prey
    S3 E15 · This Sorrowful Life
    S3 E16 · Welcome to the Tombs
  • Season Four

    S4 E1 · 30 Days Without an Accident
    S4 E2 · Infected
    S4 E3 · Isolation
    S4 E4 · Indifference
    S4 E5 · Internment
    S4 E6 · Live Bait
    S4 E7 · Dead Weight
    S4 E8 · Too Far Gone
    S4 E9 · After
    S4 E10 · Inmates
    S4 E11 · Claimed
    S4 E12 · Still
    S4 E13 · Alone
    S4 E14 · The Grove
    S4 E15 · Us
    S4 E16 · A
  • Season Five

    S5 E1 · No Sanctuary
    S5 E2 · Strangers
    S5 E3 · Four Walls and a Roof
    S5 E4 · Slabtown
    S5 E5 · Self Help
    S5 E6 · Consumed
    S5 E7 · Crossed
    S5 E8 · Coda
    S5 E9 · What Happened and What’s Going On
    S5 E10 · Them
    S5 E11 · The Distance
    S5 E12 · Remember
    S5 E13 · Forget
    S5 E14 · Spend
    S5 E15 · Try
    S5 E16 · Conquer
  • Season Six

    S6 E1 · First Time Again
    S6 E2 · JSS
    S6 E3 · Thank You
    S6 E4 · Here’s Not Here
    S6 E5 · Now
    S6 E6 · Always Accountable
    S6 E7 · Heads Up
    S6 E8 · Start to Finish
    S6 E9 · No Way Out
    S6 E10 · The Next World
    S6 E11 · Knots Untie
    S6 E12 · Not Tomorrow Yet
    S6 E13 · The Same Boat
    S6 E14 · Twice as Far
    S6 E15 · East
    S6 E16 · Last Day on Earth
  • Season Seven

    S7 E1 · The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be
    S7 E2 · The Well
    S7 E3 · The Cell
    S7 E4 · Service
    S7 E5 · Go Getters
    S7 E6 · Swear
    S7 E7 · Sing Me a Song
    S7 E8 · Hearts Still Beating
    S7 E9 · Rock in the Road
    S7 E10 · New Best Friends
    S7 E11 · Hostiles and Calamities
    S7 E12 · Say Yes
    S7 E13 · Bury Me Here
    S7 E14 · The Other Side
    S7 E15 · Something They Need
    S7 E16 · The First Day of the Rest of Your Life
  • Season Eight

    S8 E1 · Mercy
    S8 E2 · The Damned
    S8 E3 · Monsters
    S8 E4 · Some Guy
    S8 E5 · The Big Scary U
    S8 E6 · The King, the Widow, and Rick
    S8 E7 · Time For After
    S8 E8 · How It’s Gotta Be
    S8 E9 · Honor
    S8 E10 · The Lost and the Plunderers
    S8 E11 · Dead or Alive Or
    S8 E12 · The Key
    S8 E13 · Do Not Send Us Astray
    S8 E14 · Still Gotta Mean Something
    S8 E15 · Worth
    S8 E16 · Wrath
  • Season Nine

    S9 E1 · A New Beginning
    S9 E2 · The Bridge
    S9 E3 · Warning Signs
    S9 E4 · The Obliged
    S9 E5 · What Comes After
    S9 E6 · Who Are You Now?
    S9 E7 · Stradivarius
    S9 E8 · Evolution
    S9 E9 · Adaptation
    S9 E10 · Omega
    S9 E11 · Bounty
    S9 E12 · Guardians
    S9 E13 · Chokepoint
    S9 E14 · Scars
    S9 E15 · The Calm Before
    S9 E16 · The Storm
  • Season Ten

    S10 E1 · Lines We Cross
    S10 E2 · We Are the End of the World
    S10 E3 · Ghosts
    S10 E4 · Silence the Whisperers
    S10 E5 · What It Always Is
    S10 E6 · Bonds
    S10 E7 · Open Your Eyes
    S10 E8 · The World Before
    S10 E9 · Squeeze
    S10 E10 · Stalker
    S10 E11 · Morning Star
    S10 E12 · Walk with Us
    S10 E13 · What We Become
    S10 E14 · Look at the Flowers
    S10 E15 · The Tower
    S10 E16 · A Certain Doom
    S10 E17 · Home Sweet Home
    S10 E18 · Find Me
    S10 E19 · One More
    S10 E20 · Splinter
    S10 E21 · Diverged
    S10 E22 · Here’s Negan

For the first season, 87% of 31 Rotten Tomatoes critics gave it a positive review, with an average score of 7.35/10. Metacritic scored the first season 82/100 based on 25 critic reviews, 23 of which were positive.

For the second season, 80% of 24 critic reviews on Rotten Tomatoes were positive, with an average score of 8.05/10. Of 22 Metacritic critic reviews, 18 were positive, four were mixed, and none were negative; their average score was 80/100.

The third season had 88% of Rotten Tomatoes’ 33 critics giving it a positive review, with an average score of 7.85/10. Metacritic’s 19 critics rated the season 82/100, all of whom gave a positive review.

For the fourth season, 81% of Rotten Tomatoes’ 32 critic reviews were positive, with an average score of 7.60/10. Metacritic scored the season 75/100 based on 16 critic reviews, 13 of which were positive, three mixed, and none negative.

The fifth season had 90% of Rotten Tomatoes’ 32 critic reviews rating it positively, with an average score of 6.95/10. Metacritic scored the fifth season 80/100 based on 11 critic reviews, all of which were positive.

For the sixth season, 76% of Rotten Tomatoes’ 25 critic reviews were positive, with an average score of 7.40/10. Metacritic scored the sixth season 79/100 based on 10 critic reviews, nine of which were positive, one mixed, and none negative.

For the seventh season, 66% of Rotten Tomatoes’ 18 critic reviews rated it positively, with an average score of 6.85/10. 

For the eighth season, 65% of Rotten Tomatoes’ 17 critic reviews rated it positively, with an average score of 6.65/10. 

For the ninth season, 89% of Rotten Tomatoes’ 22 critic reviews were positive, with an average score of 7.15/10. Metacritic scored the ninth season 72/100 based on 4 critic reviews, 3 of which were positive, one mixed, and none negative.

For the tenth season, 77% of Rotten Tomatoes’ 6 critic reviews were positive, with an average score of 7/10. 


Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes

Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh

Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes

Laurie Holden as Andrea

Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale Horvath

Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee

Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon

Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier

Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene

Danai Gurira as Michonne

Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene

Michael Rooker as Merle Dixon

David Morrissey as Philip “The Governor” Blake

Emily Kinney as Beth Greene

Chad L. Coleman as Tyreese Williams

Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha Williams

Lawrence Gilliard Jr. as Bob Stookey

Michael Cudlitz as Abraham Ford

Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter

Christian Serratos as Rosita Espinosa

Alanna Masterson as Tara Chambler

Andrew J. West as Gareth

Seth Gilliam as Gabriel Stokes

Lennie James as Morgan Jones

Alexandra Breckenridge as Jessie Anderson

Ross Marquand as Aaron

Austin Nichols as Spencer Monroe

Tovah Feldshuh as Deanna Monroe

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan

Austin Amelio as Dwight

Tom Payne as Paul “Jesus” Rovia

Xander Berkeley as Gregory

Khary Payton as Ezekiel

Steven Ogg as Simon

Katelyn Nacon as Enid

Pollyanna McIntosh as Anne “Jadis”

Callan McAuliffe as Alden

Avi Nash as Siddiq

Samantha Morton as Alpha

Ryan Hurst as Beta

Eleanor Matsuura as Yumiko

Cooper Andrews as Jerry

Nadia Hilker as Magna

Cailey Fleming as Judith Grimes

Cassady McClincy as Lydia

Lauren Ridloff as Connie

Paola Lázaro as Juanita “Princess” Sanchez

Michael James Shaw as Michael Mercer

Lynn Collins as Leah Shaw

Josh Hamilton as Lance Hornsby

Margot Bingham as Max “Stephanie” Mercer

Laila Robins as Pamela Milton

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