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Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons

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Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons

Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons, a documentary miniseries by Matt Tyrnauer, aired for the very first time July 14, 2022, and consisted of three hour-long episodes. This is a miniseries, therefor there will not be a second season.

Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons, serves to show all the things wrong with this once amazing lingerie brand. This lingerie brand used to be a complete phenomenon years ago. They are known for their amazing catwalks to show off their lingerie, and their TV ads. To women, this brand was once a fantasy.

Victoria’s Secret: Angles and Demons, shows the rise of this once amazing brand that was super successful. And the extreme fall that completely crushed the company. Back in previous years Victoria’s Secret promoted themselves as feminists. And that they empower through sexuality. Though that quickly came crashing down not long after Ed Razek, who was the chief marketing officer, made some pretty serious statements that left the world furious with the company.

In Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons, it shows the absolutely horrendous statements made by Ed. He made comments stating that transsexuals didn’t belong on the runway, and that if they did, then it wouldn’t be a “fantasy” for people anymore. In this same interview he made some even more controversial statements. Another statement he made was that the public didn’t want plus-size women on the catwalk. Both of these comments completely outraged the world and really set in stone their demise.

Ever since Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons aired, it has received some pretty mixed reviews. Critics state that this show is a great miniseries to watch to see how the brand ultimately crashed. Though they did state that it definitely didn’t need three full episodes, and that everything could’ve fit in one 90-minute episode. Overall, though the reviews have been good.

  • Season One

    S1 E3 · Tarnished Angels

    S1 E2 · The Secret Friend

    S1 E1 · Inventing Victoria

This series has received mixed reviews from critics.

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