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Amber Slams Johnny’s Tiktok

Jun 14

Amber Heard just responded to Johnny Depp’s tiktok debut!


  • Johnny Depp joined tiktok this week
  • His first video was a tribute to his fans and a message about moving on
  • Amber just responded by slamming her ex in an official statement

Amber’s team told People magazine QUOTE: “As Johnny Depp says he’s ‘moving forward,’ women’s rights are moving backward, The verdict’s message to victims of domestic violence is … be afraid to stand up and speak out.”Johnny’s legal team slammed that narrative while appearing on Good Morning America. Camille Vasquez said QUOTE: “we encourage any victim to come forward — domestic violence doesn’t have a gender.”

During their good morning america appearance Johnny’s lawyers were asked WHY they think the jury ultimately sided with Johnny and they responded saying QUOTE: “My sense is that it had a lot to do with accountability, Johnny owned his issues and he was candid about his alcohol and drug issues. He was candid about some unfortunate texts that he wrote, and I think it was a sharp contrast to Ms. Heard, who didn’t seem, or at least the jury may have perceived, that she didn’t take accountability for anything.”

Amber’s team has announced their plans to appeal the verdict saying they believe she has a strong case, BUT Johnny’s team says they’re confident that there are no errors that would justify any kind of successful appeal.”