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Dove Cameron addresses identity shift

Aug 31
Dove Cameron addresses identity shift
Brianna Walmark

Dove Cameron addresses identity shift

  • Dove Cameron is saying that dying her hair brunette changed her 
  • She explained that the change ultimately brought out an identity shift 
  • Cameron is so happy and free with the new hairdo 

At the MTV VMA’s Dove Cameron made an appearance on the carpet. She caught up with E! News and shared some updates on her life. Victor Cruz interviewed Dove about her outfit for the night, her incredible nails, and of course her brunette hair. He stated that recently she had blonde hair. So he wanted to get the scoop on what ultimately led her to change her locks.

Dove’s response to him was, “I genuinely felt like dyeing my hair was a total identity shift for me, I have so much genuine, emotional pain attached to being a blonde because I think there was so much performance in who I felt I had to be as a blonde that when I dyed my hair it was a reclamation of deciding who I was as versus who I felt I always had to be. So I definitely think I have more fun now”.

Dove Cameron addresses identity shift, she also came out as queer in June of this year so she explained that dying her hair made her feel closer to herself than ever. In the interview, she said, “I also feel like I’m more in touch with myself, and it’s wild how something as small as a hair color can do that for us”

At the VMA’s she took home the award for Best New Artist where she gave a speech. In the speech, she said, “Wow. Thank you so much. I’m so floored, I’m so moved,” she said in her acceptance speech. “This is so wild to be up here with so many artists that I worship…This year has been so wild, and I have no explanation for it except that I have you guys to thank. I want to dedicate this to all of the queer kids out there who don’t feel that they can take up space and inhabit the fullness of who they are.”

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