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Inventing Anna

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Inventing Anna

Inventing Anna is a Netflix series based on a true story about a woman named Anna Sorokin, aired on Netflix on February 11, 2022. Inventing Anna has only released one season on Netflix with nine episodes. Anna Sorokin,  a con woman also known by the name Anna Delvey took heaps of money from friends. Anna Sorokin was born in Russia and later moved to New York in 2013 where she started her career as a con artist. When she moved to New York she started going by the alias of Anna Delvey.

To the public, she was an extremely wealthy woman. The friends that she made in New York were under the impression that she had around $60 million. In Inventing Anna she told all of her new friends that her money was overseas and she couldn’t get access to it.  Because of this, they would pay for her stays in hotels, her meals, and pay for her shopping needs. Inventing Anna shows how many people she betrayed. A lot of these friends even gave her cash. Though, these friends she made remained under the impression they would get paid back, as they thought she had a fortune.

Ultimately Sorokin got larceny and theft convictions and remained in prison from 2019-2021. In 2021 Delvey got deported back to Germany where she was from. The short one-season series Inventing Anna follows a reporter eager to learn more about Anna. Throughout the series Inventing Anna, the reporter tries to gain information from Anna as to how she managed to easily steal people’s money and their hearts.

The reviews from this short series were actually not very good. Unfortunately to some critics, Inventing Anna wasn’t even worth the watch. Some critics claim that it took too long to get to the point. Claiming when it finally got to the point, it wasn’t worth it.

  • Season 1 (2022)

    E.1 – “Life of a VIP

    A reporter goes against her editors wishes to pursue the story of Anna Delvey.

    E.2 – “The Devil Wore Anna

    Annas former friends tell many stories about Anna to the reporter.

    E.3 – “Two Birds, One Throne

    Anna won’t speak to the reporter so the reporter decides to hunt down her ex-boyfriend.

    E.4 – “A Wolf in Chic Clothing

    The reporter investigates how Anna managed to get millions of dollars from a lawyer.

    E.5 – “Check Out Time

    The reporter investigates a hotel Anna stayed at where she became friends with concierge.

    E.6 – “Friends in Low Places

    The reporter gets her hands on footage of Anna on a trip with friends.

    E.7 – “Cash on Delivery

    In hopes to finish the article, the reporter reaches out to one of Anna’s old friends.

    E.8 – “Too Rich for Her Blood

    After she publishes her article she dig into questions that still remain.

    E.9 – “Dangerously Close

    This episode covers the trial and the Lawyer begging Anna to cooperate.


On review website Rotten Tomatoes, the series holds a 63% approval rating based on 84 reviews, with an average rating of 6.1/10. On Metacritic, the series has a score of 57 out of 100, based on 34 reviews.

Saloni Gajjar of The A.V. Club gave the limited series a B-. Rolling Stone, Alan Sepinwall gave a rating of 2/5.



Anna Chlumsky as Vivian Kent
Julia Garner as Anna “Delvey” Sorokin
Arian Moayed as Todd Spodek
Katie Lowes as Rachel Williams
Alexis Floyd as Neff Davis
Anders Holm as Jack
Anna Deavere Smith as Maud
Jeff Perry as Lou
Terry Kinney as Barry
Laverne Cox as Kacy Duke


Rebecca Henderson as ADA Catherine McCaw
Kate Burton as Nora Radford
Tim Guinee as Paul
Armand Schultz as Landon Bloom
Anthony Edwards as Alan Reed


Caitlin FitzGerald as Mags
James Cusati-Moyer as Val
Saamer Usmani as Chase Sikorski
Marika Domińczyk as Talia Mallay
Joshua Malina as Henrick Knight
Ben Rappaport as Billy McFarland
Christopher Lowell as Noah
Kieron J. Anthony as Dr. Millikan
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