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The Old Man

Drama, Thriller
  • Seasons

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    Amazon Prime Video
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The Old Man

The Old Man, an American drama thriller created for Amazon Prime Video by Jonathan E. Steinberg, aired for the first time June 16, 2022. Season one consists of seven episodes in total. After the first season aired, it renewed for a second season, which has not yet released. This series is based on a novel by the name of The Old Man by Thomas Perry.

The Old Man follows the life of Dan Chase. Dan used to be a CIA operative, though in his recent years he has been living privately and very off the grid. He has been living a private life in New York for 30 years of his life. Someone ends up breaking into Dan’s house, which ultimately leads to him killing the intruder. After killing this intruder, Dan has to go into hiding. This series also follows Zoe McDonald, a woman whom he rented a room from. He ends up forced to partner with her, while he is on the run.

The Old Man also follows Harold Harper, who works for the FBI and has the task of bringing in Dan. He has a team of people that are working beside him to try and bring in Dan, these people include Angela Adams who also works for the FBI, Raymond Waters who works for the CIA, and Julian Carson, who is best known for being a hit-man whose duty is to kill Dan.

Since The Old Man aired, it has received some pretty positive reviews from critics. Critics have stated that it is an amazing show that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. They have stated that they praise the series writers and stated it has an amazing plot. While also adding that the cast did a fantastic job bringing this series to life. Overall, the reviews from critics are really positive.

  • Season One

    S1聽E7 路 VII
    S1聽E6 路 VI
    S1聽E5 路 V
    S1聽E4 路 IV
    S1聽E3 路 III
    S1聽E2 路 II
    S1聽E1 路 I

This series has received extremely positive reviews.


Jeff Bridges聽as Dan Chase

John Lithgow聽as Harold Harper

E. J. Bonilla聽as Raymond Waters

Bill Heck聽as Young Dan Chase

Leem Lubany聽as Young Abbey Chase

Alia Shawkat聽as Angela Adams

Gbenga Akinnagbe聽as Julian Carson

Amy Brenneman聽as Zoe McDonald


Hiam Abbass聽as Abbey Chase

Kenneth Mitchell聽as Joe

Joel Grey聽as Morgan Bote

Pej Vahdat聽as Young Faraz Hamzad

Noor Razooky as Young Kaftar

Echo Kellum聽as Mike


Christopher Redman as Young Harold Harper

Jessica Parker Kennedy聽as Woman at Bus Stop

Faran Tahir聽as Rahmani

Rade Serbedzija聽as Old Suleyman Pavlovic

Navid Negahban聽as Faraz Hamzad

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