Kylie Jenner’s 21st Birthday Continues!

The night started with outfit number 1, a black strapless top and pants. Her friends surprised her with a cake that had a picture of her and Stormi on the top. Later, Kylie changed into outfit number 2, a vintage Gucci, nude dress with black sparkling crystals all over. The group then hit the club and of course took to instagram and snapchat to post about their fun night in the club and dancing to Drake’s “Nice For What.” Travis Scott performed at the Marquee nightclub at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas and also celebrated his album Astroworld debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Kylie watched the show from a VIP table with a group of friends. Jordan and Stassi were just a couple of friends in attendance.

Are Dylan O’Brien And Chloë Grace Moretz Dating?

The two were spotted having dinner together just a couple of nights ago at The Nice Guy, a restaurant in Los Angeles. They were seated in a booth near the back of the restaurant. It seemed casual – they were having fun and taking lots of pictures. After dinner the two left the restaurant separately but got in the same car to meet some friends at a nightclub called Avenue. A source said “Once inside they met up with a group of friends and hung out together at a table by the DJ booth.” This outing comes at about 7 years after Dylan admitted and then retracted his comment, to Hollywire, about having a crush on her. Dylan was 19 and Chloe had just starred in the movie “Kick Ass” at 14 years old.

Happy 21st Birthday Kylie Jenner!!!

And for Kylie’s 21st birthday, she wore a satin pink dress with blonde hair in a ponytail, out to dinner with her four sisters and mom. Her party was filled with pink party cups, a pink ball pit And in attendance was Kanye West and Scott Disick.

More Details About Justin Bieber Crying

Justin was so emotional and crying because he’s never felt so emotionally exposed before, and it’s all because of Hailey. He’s never felt the way he does about Hailey ever before and he is literally bursting with love. Their relationship has been an emotional roller coster, a source said, “He isn’t opening up to anyone but Hailey right now, all he will say is that they’re ‘going though some things’ but other than that he’s like a vault. Justin and Hailey share everything with each other. He loves her because they support each other during their most difficult moments. And yeah, that means a lot of tears sometimes.” The source add, “They are being very private about what they are dealing with, not opening up to many. But Justin is happy that he has Hailey and she is happy that he is there too so they both have a shoulder to cry on.”

Demi Lovato’s Friend Ellen DeGeneres Offers Up Her Home

Demi Lovato has accepted to go to rehab which is great news and she is being shown so much support by friends, fans, and family. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have offered their beach house, in Santa Barbara, California, to Demi for after rehab where she can continue the process without constant reminders of the night of her od. Moving back into her home could lead to temptations, being at the beach house, however, would offer new surroundings which hopefully help ease any desire or pressure to use. Portia also whats to introduce Demi to equestrian therapy, and they are both determined to see her make a full recovery. Demi hasn’t accepted the offer just yet, but we are hoping she does. Either way, it does loo like Demi has a lot of support behind her and her recovery.

Selena Gomez’s New Role

Selena Gomez was at a diner with some of her co-stars from her up-coming horror comedy movie, that she’s filming now called, “The Dead Don’t Die.” Some of the co-stars and friends that went to diner with her are Austin Butler, Connar Franklin, and Luka Sabbat. Connar, who was also at Selena’s 26th birthday, posted to her insta story of Selena walking up to a table of people who had no idea who she was when she asked if they need a refill on their coffee’s. Apparently the diner was named, Selena’s Diner, so she took it upon herself to play waitress.

Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima Split Details

Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima officially split up yesterday! The couple decided to call it quits and the breakup apparently, was not a peaceful one. Poor Kourtney cannot catch a break when it comes to love and dating! Kourtney and Younes had a huge fight about a week ago over instagram. We all remember the passive aggressive and hypocritical comment he left on her picture about flaunting her body in her picture saying, “that’s what you need to show to get likes?” Kourtney thought this was super embarrassing, Kourtney does think Younes is a bit too young and immature for her, the comment was just the straw that broke the camels back. Younes likes to travel all over the world, quite a bit! – and that’s just not possible for the mom of 3. He was pressuring her to move to Europe so she could see him more often. He did leave a sort of cryptic message on his Insta story which seems to be directed at another news source who tried to “out” Younes for possibly cheating on Kourtney with Jordan Ozuna. He clapped back by saying that the publication wanted to pin him as the bad guy, but they failed because the story of him cheating was a hoax – he posted a pic of all his friends that he’s with, not just Jordan, to his story.

Lil Pump Was Not Having It

On Saturday Lil Pump’s set was cut short at Lollapalooza and he was not happy about it. The “Gucci Gang” creator said, he was mad that his set was stopped because he was causing a riot in the audience. The crowd was getting a little too wild, creating an extremely large mosh-pit, so big that he was forced to end his performance! People were passing out in the crowd because fans were getting way too rowdy. Apparently, Lil Pump only sang about 5 songs during his set and they were cutoff a few times in order to move the fans back away from the stage. Fans took to twitter to show their dissatisfaction with the whole event and his performance.

Harry Styles Inspired “Happy Together” Sitcom

This past Sunday, in a TCA panel, Ben Winston revealed that he used to have a pretty cool tenant in his house, Harry Styles! Harry lived in his attic and wrote. “Happy Together,” is an upcoming sitcom that is in production! And since it was inspired by Harry Styles, you bet we will be watching!

Zayn Malik’s “Too Much” Drops On The Charts

This past Thursday, Zayn Malik released another single, called “Too Much.” This one features Timbaland, the producer who has produced for some of the biggest stars out there, like Justin Timberlake for example. Zayn’s single “Sour Diesel” which debuted at # 15 and worked its way down to # 98 a few days later.

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