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Alyssa Mckay

Actor/ Actress, Tik Toker

Alyssa Mckay

Actor/ Actress, Tik Toker
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    Portland, Oregon
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Alyssa Mckay

Alyssa Mckay was born in Portland, Oregon. Her birthday is January 11th, 2000 and she is a Capricorn. Alyssa went to college while living in Portland Oregon and graduated when she was 22 years old. After college, she decided to kick-star her social media and make a career out of it. Since, then, she's gained a tremendous amount of success and gathered a large following on all of her platforms. Much of her personal life is kept private and she doesn't share intimate details about her family, relationships, or any of the more personal aspects of her life. Whether or not Alyssa Mckay is in a relationship is unknown. Because she prefers to keep her business private, her relationship status is up for question. She could very well be in a relationship and just not expressing it through her social media. Only time will tell if she truly is or not. Her fame comes from TikTok and Youtube. On her YouTube channel she posts content such as skits, vlogs, and reports her tiktoks. On TikTok, she's famous for making lip-synching videos from different movies. She first created her TikTok when it was still, and later gained her fame when she platform transitioned to TikTok. Alyssa Mckay also stars in Leave No Trace alongside Ben Foster. Leave No Trace is a movie about a man and his daughter that live in the middle of the wilderness. The father suffers from PTSD which is a theme revolving this movie.   Today, Alyssa Mckay still continues to create amazing content and grow her social media brand. With all of her talents of making content and starring in films, she's sure to move on to great things next! She is currently living in New York City, New York, pursing a career in acting. Alyssa Mckay was also in the film, Shrill in 2019.

Alyssa was born in Portland. After going to college she began her TikTok career.

Alyssa primarily makes a living off of her TikTok career and other social media platforms.

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