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Gianina Paolantonio

Actor/ Actress, Singer

Gianina Paolantonio

Actor/ Actress, Singer
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    Oakhurst, New Jersey
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Gianina Paolantonio

Gianina Paolantonio was born on June 10, 2005, and she is a Gemini. She was born in Oakhurst, New Jersey. Gianina is most famous for the role she on the TV show, Dance moms. She wasn't one of the original cast members, in fact she didn't come on the show until much later in its entirety. Gianina Paolantonio was introduced to dance mom's in season 8, but her presence was enough to make an impact because she went on to continue to be successful and participate in some amazing performances. Gianina Paolantonio's love for dance has always been in her. At nine years old she appears in the broad musical, Matilda, as Amanda Tripp. Another notable performance is the All I Want For Christmas Concert of Mariah Carey in Las Vegas. Gianina Paolantonio's talents get her great opportunities, she even performed another time in New York with Mariah. Because of her association with Dance Moms, in 2020 she made an appearance in JoJo Sia's music video for D.R.E.A.M. Gianina Paolantonio isn't just a dancer, she's also a singer. She released TALK in 2020. This song is her first single, but not her last. She also has a few others singles that follow TALK, all of which had very positive reviews. Gianina Paolantonio îs all about healthy living and keeping your body moving. She works for GoNoodle, a company that offers dance videos to kids in hopes of creating fun ways for them to stay active. GoNoodle provides these videos to over 11 million children, which means Gianina Paolantonio has helped positively impact the lives of many kids.   If you thought dancing and singing her the last of her talents, you'd be wrong. Gianina appeared in the critically acclaimed movie The Greatest Showman. She played the role of a ballerina, and she played it very well.      

Gianina Paolantonio has been dancing at a very young age. She made her debut on broadway when she was nine years old.

Gianina Paolantonio îs famous for her role on Dance Moms, the hit TV show produced by Abby Lee Miller.

Gianina Paolantonio îs associated with Abby Lee Miller. She also performed with Mariah Carey.

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