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Loren Gray

Singer, Tik Toker

Loren Gray

Singer, Tik Toker
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    Pottstown, PA
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Loren Gray

Loren Gray Beech was born April 19, 2002, currently making her the age of 20 in 2022. Loren Gray was born in Pottstown, PA and lived there until she ultimately decided to move to Los Angeles, California. She went to school in her home town, though, after she started to get attention online, she started to get bullied at her school. The bullying eventually led to her leaving public school, and attending an online school instead. She ultimately graduated from the online high school. Loren Gray's nationality is American and she has grown up in a Christian household her whole life. When Loren Gray was just the young age of 14, she started to rise to fame. Loren gained her fame on the platform once known as She was most well-known on for posting lip-syncing videos. One day her videos started gaining traction, ultimately leading to her going viral on the platform. has since changed its name to TikTok, though, she is still extremely well-known on the platform. To this day she still continues to post videos lip-syncing on TikTok, though her primary career is creating music. Since her rise to fame, in her older years, Loren Gray has started a music career for herself. Since she started her music career, she has released several hit singles. Some of her well-known singles are 'My Story' and 'Queen'. During the beginning of her music career, she was first signed with Virgin Records and Capitol Records. However, She ended up becoming an independent artist in February of 2021. Loren's mothers name is Debbie Beech while her fathers name is Jeremy Beech. Her mother and father have lived separately from each other, as Jeremy stayed in their home town of PA, and Debbie moved with Loren Gray to California to help her jump start her career.

Loren Gray Beech was born on April 19, 2002, she was born in Pottstown, PA, and lived there until she ultimately decided to move to Los Angeles, California. She went to public school in her hometown until moving to an online school.

She is an independent recording artist and social media presence.

She was associated with Virgin Records and Capitol Records but now is an independent artist.

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