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Natalie Portman

Actor/ Actress

Natalie Portman

Actor/ Actress
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Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman starts her acting career as a famous child star. She starts from a very young age where she participates in schools that emphasize the arts so that she is able to find professional opportunities to act and sing. Even as a child star she was landing new movies And shows that made her very famous worldwide. She attained much success during her early years and then when she reached high school, she became extremely famous when she pursued a role in Star Wars. That is when her fame really came out and she really became famous for what she is now. She is even nominee for a Golden Globe during high school and had trouble leading both lives. Then, Natalie Portman decides to go to Harvard to pursue a bachelors degree. During that time she meets a lot of controversy surrounding her decision to go to college rather than continuing to pursue acting. There are a lot of opinions surrounding her decision by many people within her life and in the industry. She left that for a while because she wanted to pursue an education and was very firm on her decision to pursue an education and become college educated and took a hiatus from acting for that reason. Natalie Portman returned acting in 2007 and worked on expanding her career. She has fame for the many roles she has since the start of her acting career. Natalie then was famous for her role in Jackie in 2016 and was very successful in that role. She is now known for a lot of her activist work and achieves a lot through that. Natalie Portman works with a lot of different charities to make sure that everyone has funding. She works with a lot of different ones and makes sure to make her work as diverse as possible.

She was very much influenced by the arts from a very young age. Going to school for it and pursed it professionally.

Portman has had an extremely long career starting in 1994 and is still being pursued to this day.

She is famously known for her time in Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, the Black Swan.

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