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Anne Heche’s son seeks guardianship over brother

Sep 02
Anne Heche’s son seeks guardianship over brother
Brianna Walmark

Anne Heche’s son seeks guardianship over brother

  • Anne Heche’s son Homer is stepping up to the plate once again 
  • This comes after the death of his mother Anne Heche as she got into a horrible car accident leading to her death
  • Homer is now taking initiative on a multitude of levels


Homer Lafoon, son of late actress Anne Heche, is now behind with his 13-year-old brother Atlas. This happened after their mother’s car wreck which led to her becoming brain dead and ultimately the family decided to take her off life support. Following her death, Homer has had to step up to the plate on numerous levels from addressing the press, remembering his late mother, and now taking care of his brother. PageSix obtained court documents saying that Homer is taking to court to try to get approval for being a ‘guardian ad Litem for his brother Atlas. For those that aren’t aware, guardian ad litem is where the law appoints somebody to become the guardian of an individual for that child’s best interest. 

In addition to Homer wanting to be granted guardianship over his 13-year-old brother, Homer is also seeking control of her estate and Anne Heche left no will behind. Homer has recently filed paperwork in Los Angeles Superior Court this past Wednesday where he wants to be Anne’s estate administrator. For all of this, in reference to guardianship as well as control over his mother’s estate, a hearing will take place in October 11th of this year. 

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