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Britney Spears BLASTS Jamie Lynn Spears

Jan 10
Britney Spears BLASTS Jamie Lynn Spears
Hollywire Team

Britney Spears BLASTS Jamie Lynn Spears 

Britney Spears blasts Jamie Lynn Spears for complaining about being her sister…

  • Looks like Britney & Jamie Lynn’s feud is far from over!
  • Britney took to Instagram to BLAST her sister 
  • After she opened up about growing up in Britney’s shadow while competing on “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test.”


Then while appearing on the reality competition Jamie Lynn shared QUOTE: “Growing up, my sister became famous, worldwide famous, when I was very young,” She added: “I’m so proud of her, love her to death, but I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like I don’t really have anything for myself.” In a confessional, she reiterated that she was “extremely proud” of her sister’s success. She just said she would like to discover her “own identity” outside of being Britney’s sister.

Britney was NOT here for Jamie Lynn’s revelations. She took to Instagram to write: “Are we gonna say it was hard being my sister???? Hmmmmmmmmmmm…. really ???”. Britney then reminded her followers that her loved ones were treated to spa days and champagne. While she was barred from enjoying such simple pleasures as coffee — as she tirelessly performed in her lengthy Las Vegas residency.  

Britney wrote: “I’d rather spit in their faces and trash them on Instagram cause that’s all my family has ever been to me !!!!” She added: “[My family] hurt me and nothing was done except that I lost 15 years of my life with my family owning my name.” She called out Jamie Lynn directly saying: “It honestly blows my mind the hardships you say you have had with having me as your sister …” 

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