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Evan Peters wore Jeffery Dahmer’s clothes

Oct 31
Evan Peters wore Jeffery Dahmer’s clothes
Brianna Walmark

Evan Peters wore Jeffery Dahmer’s clothes for the role

  • Evan Peters took his role as Jeffery Dahmer to a whole other level
  • In order to get into his character he has to use method acting
  • Which resulted in Evan using and wearing Jeffery’s real clothing items 


Evan Peters who played Jeffery Dahmer spoke out about the method of acting that was required to play the role. In order to get into character he had to use the actual accessories of the murderer. In an interview, Evan shares what went into playing the dark role in Netflix’s Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. During the Q&A, he reveals that he wore Jeffery’s clothes. His glasses, shoes, and jeans and he used his clothing frequently for months to get a more authentic feel to quite literally be in his shoes. 


Not only did Evan wear Jeffery’s clothing, but he took certain measures to get his body language correct. He shared he wore weights on his arms to obtain a super upright and stiff posture and while on set he remained in character. Evan shares all the measures taken to get him into character though, there were certain things he did to make sure it wouldnt negatively take over his life. He shared it was important to keep in mind it was just a project and there was an end goal of finishing it up and moving forward. Comedy movies and music helped keep him afloat while filming a docuseries on the murder’s life. 

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