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Gary Bussey denies sexual assult allegations

Aug 23
Gary Bussey denies sexual assult allegations
Brianna Walmark

Gary Bussey denies sexual assult allegations

  • Gary Bussey denies sexual assult allegations
  • These allegations come from when he has inappropriate sexual contact with two women in a new Jersey Convention earlier this august 
  • Bussey is now coming forward a denying these claims 


Gary Bussey or you may know him from Celebrity Apprentice is clapping back at the allegations made against him that he had sexual and inappropriate contact with two women. Bussey was charged with two counts of criminal sexual contact in the fourth degree, one count of criminal attempt/criminal sexual contact in the fourth degree, and one count of harassment Gary caught up with TMZ at a gas station in Malibu denying all claims saying. “I don’t care because there are no accusations.” He said that his encounter with the “two girls took less than 10 seconds” and then “they left.” He goes on to share that the accusers completely made up the accusations. 

A press release from Cherry Hill’s police department stated a different perspective than what Garey Bussey was saying. The report said. “A California man is facing sexual offense charges stemming from an incident occurring at the annual Monster Mania convention, hosted by the Doubletree Hotel in Cherry Hill, New Jersey”. In addition to this release. There are allegations coming forward from multiple people. They say Bussey put his face near a woman’s breasts, groped her rear end. A father is coming forward saying the actor grabbed his daughter behind as well. Just to make matters worse, Bussey was very recently found on a park bench with his pants pulled down and it is unclear why he pulled his pants down in the first place. 


Actor Gary Busey, has been charged with multiple counts of sexual misconduct after a complaint from attendees at a New Jersey horror film convention. #news #garybusey #monstermania #convention

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