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Is Shawn Mendes Dating Camila Cabello’s COPY?

Nov 14
Is Shawn Mendes Dating Camila Cabello’s COPY?

Is Shawn Mendes Dating Camila Cabello’s COPY?!????‍♀️????

There are rumors and what’s more: there are photos.


It’s been a while now since Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello split up, and though the decision disappointed many fans, the couple were pretty impressive with the maturity they showed.  They made clear that they’d always be friends, and even hung out platonically a few times in public.

Of course they’ve also both seen other people and attempted to get on with their lives, but their relationship being so high profile and seemingly so “perfect” in many fans’ eyes ensured that it would always be a little tough for the duo to move on. And now it seems like Shawn’s latest relationship is calling into question just how “over” Camila he is.


Shawn Goes on a Date

When you’re a star as big as Shawn Mendes, any date you go on runs the risk of getting some media attention. Especially when you go out in West Hollywood of all places.

Shawn was spotted out with a mystery girl, and paparazzi snapped photos of the two — but they only managed to capture the girl from behind. She had her hair tied up and looked a little familiar to some people.


The comments go off. 

The photo was greeted with a parade of comments that were all focused on one thing: how much this girl looks like Camila, at least from behind. One very-liked comment even said the girl is a “COPY.”

Now we have limited information, but admittedly the girl’s figure is pretty similar to Camila’s. Still, it seems like fans may be projecting a bit, likely still longing for a Shawmila reunion that isn’t likely to happen.


Insiders spill some tea.

While we didn’t get to see her face, or even know her name yet, a person who allegedly saw the couple at the restaurant confirmed that they were being very touchy and flirty. While they didn’t kiss, it was apparently very clear that it was a date and that they went home together.


So yet again we are left to speculate. What seems clear is that Shawn has a new romance on his hand. What doesn’t is whether he’s really over Camila at all.

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