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JoJo Siwa hits a big break in her career

Sep 09
JoJo Siwa hits a big break in her career
Brianna Walmark

JoJo Siwa hits a big break in her career

  • JoJo Siwa is coming out and sharing how she feels she hit a big break in her acting career 
  • This all comes after her appearance in the new ‘HSTMTS’ season
  • And how playing her character Madison was super important for her younger self 

Jojo Siwa made a brief appearance on this season of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series where she played a queer character Madison. In the appearance, it seems that she returns to Camp Shallow Lake, where she visits her ex-girlfriend Maddox where Saylor Curda plays the role. JoJo announced that when she found out she would be playing an openly queer part she said it was a big turning part in her career.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she shared how she felt playing a gay character as she said, “I’ve never played a gay character—besides myself, and I’m not a character, I’m just myself, but that’s how it looks to the world. But this is so straightforward: Madison is a queer human. I think it’s really special getting to know that kids are going to watch this. They won’t be like, ‘She’s queer? What’s that?’ They’re going to be like, ‘She’s queer. Cool.’ I love that the next generation just kind of [moves past] it versus it being a weird thing.”

It was back in January of 2021 when JoJo herself came out to the world as a part of the LGBTQ+ community. She expressed she wishes she has someone like her to look up to in the media growing up. She also shared, “I think it would have made me realize that it’s okay a lot younger. It’s normal. It took me a while to really be comfortable with that. I didn’t really realize that it was okay until I was like 17. I didn’t really realize that it was okay—I always thought with other people it was okay.”

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