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Josh Richards Slams Charli D’Amelio for Cheating on Landon Barker

Dec 17
Josh Richards Slams Charli D’Amelio for Cheating on Landon Barker
Hollywire Team

Josh Richards Slams Charli D’Amelio for Possibly Cheating on Landon Barker!

Josh Richards Slams Charli D’Amelio for Cheating on Landon Barker! He just weighed in on the rumors that Charli D’Amelio cheated on her boyfriend Landon Barker after several photos of Charli and this new man identified as Alex Novian surfaced. He reacted to the most incriminating photo where Alex has his arm around Charli’s stomach, and his other hand on her wrist. As he said on his BFFs Podcast, “If I saw that and my girl just randomly has a picture of her and a dude like that, I don’t know the dude or something, I’m a little weirded out.”

His cohost Brianna seemed to agree as she reacted to that same photo saying, “That’s an intimate touch, that’s not just a friendly touch.” Brianna also seems to think something is going on between Charli and Landon after Landon unpinned all his TikToks with Charli, as Brianna said, “There’s clearly trouble in paradise.”  

Fans also caught Landon liking a fan edit of himself with Huddy’s Charli diss track! But as soon as a screenshot of Landon liking this post hit tea pages, Landon claimed that he didn’t like that fan edit and it’s fake – despite tea pages claiming that isn’t possible as there is a screen recording… It seems like Landon and Charli are trying to prove they’re still going strong, as just as break-up rumors surfaced, Charli and Landon were also just spotted getting dinner together, and Landon was seen wearing Charli’s Social Tourist sweatshirt. 


Charli did clap when the first paparazzi shots of her and Alex surfaced claiming that she was just standing next to Alex and nothing was going on. But then a source who worked the party claimed they saw Charli and Alex “all over each other .” and the two even “left together.” 

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