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Kim Relieved After Settlement

Dec 01
Kim Relieved After Settlement
Hollywire Team

Kim is relieved after divorce settlement with Kanye…


  • After a LONG settlement process Kim & Kanye’s divorce is finalized 
  • An insider says Kim is relieved after settlement because she did NOT want their divorce to go to trial 
  • The exes share custody of their 4 kids BUT Kim is the primary caregiver 

The insider explained to People magazine QUOTE:  “[Kim and Kanye] had several initial disagreements that they were now able to agree on. Kanye ended up agreeing to most of the things that he opposed in the past.” They continued saying: “They agreed that Kanye needs to speak to Kim in private about any complaints and not go public with them. She wants the kids to be protected. Kim hopes the co-parenting will be a bit easier from now on.” Kim Relieved Kanye Settled Their Divorce .

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