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Selena Gomez named her kidney after Fred Armisen

Dec 08
Selena Gomez named her kidney after Fred Armisen
Hollywire Team

Selena Gomez named her kidney after Fred Armisen 

  • Selena has been very open about her kidney transplant 
  • In an interview with Rolling, Stone Selena says she names her kidney after Fred Armisen 
  • And he himself is coming forward to reveal his initial reaction to this news 

Earlier last month Selena opened up during an interview with Rollin Stone about her whole kidney transplant which saved her life. In order to keep her spirits high she shared she decided to name is after the actor Fred Armisen. 

During a recent interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Selena opened up about how Fred reacted when he found out her kidney is named after him. She starts off by saying “So, I got a kidney transplant a couple of years ago and as a way of coping, I thought I would name it. That’s weird I know, but I did. But I named it after Fred Armisen.” Jimmy then asked why she named is after Fred to which she said because she is a big fan of his. She then continues to say, “Because I love Portlandia and I love everything that he does,” Selena said with a laugh. “So, I’m like, ‘Hey, watch Fred, guys.’” When Fred found out about the new name Selena says “Yeah, he sent me flowers. I was so excited.”


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