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Shawn Mendes Is In Therapy After Canceling His Tour

Aug 10
Shawn Mendes Is In Therapy After Canceling His Tour

Shawn Mendes is in therapy after canceling the rest of his world tour…

  • Shawn just opened up about what he’s focusing on after canceling his world tour to work on his mental health 
  • He just revealed he is in therapy 
  • And is spending time with friends and family


TMZ caught up with Shawn and he gave them a candid update about his life. He told the outlet: “I’m taking a lot of time just doing therapy, just taking it easy.” He also added that he’s been hanging out with his family and doing things he had not “been able to do” while working, saying: “I think for me it’s just about spending time doing things that I haven’t really done over the last few years, and so having dinner with friends and stuff.” 

Shawn has faced some backlash though after being seen lounging on the beach and on a yacht. Meanwhile fans are still struggling to get reimbursed for his canceled shows. When asked what he thinks will happen to fans who spent money on flights and hotels to attend his shows Shawn said he thinks they’ll be able to get reimbursed saying: “They can figure it out. I mean, everything’s kind of workable.” 

When Shawn announced the news that he’d be cutting his tour short he told fans: “I promise I will be back as soon as I’ve taken the right time to heal,” adding, “I love you all and thank you all so much for supporting me and sticking by me on this journey.”


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