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I Love That for You

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I Love That for You

I Love That for You, an American comedy series created for Showtime by Vanessa Bayer and Jeremy Beiler aired for the first time May 1, 2022. There is yet to be any word about a second season and if it’s in the works.

I Love That for You is about a woman that had leukemia as a child, however, she overcame it. What got her through her childhood cancer, was her dream of being an on-air host for a home shopping channel. When she grows up, she ends up getting her dream job being an SVN host. Joanna ends up panicking at work whilst in a crisis and states that her cancer came back. She blurts this out in the hopes that it would save her job, and it does. After she makes the bold statement, she starts gaining loads of special treatment from all of her co-workers. Eventually, though, her lie ends up exposed and the truth comes out.

I Love That for You is actually loosely based on a real experience. Vanessa Bayer, one of the co-creators of the show, actually had leukemia as a child. She took her experience overcoming cancer and turned it into a comedy. Though it is based on a true experience and she did have cancer, she did not lie about having cancer to keep her job, that part is strictly for comedy purposes.

Ever since I Love That for You aired a little under two months ago, it has received ver mixed reviews, though most are generally good. Some critics say the show is absolutely hilarious and does a great job showing the true struggle of what growing up with childhood cancer looks like. Whereas other critics say that the show never really distinguished a clear point and the show. Overall though, the reviews have been extremely positive.

  • Season One


    Joanna gets her dream job in hopes of no longer being defined by her illness.

    “Faux Florals”

    Joanna regrets telling a lie and tries to take it back.


    Joanna attempts to catch the eye of her crush.

    “Impeccable She Casuals”

    Joanna panics when a cancer charity event is planned in her honor.

    “Daddy’s Lil’ Cookies”

    Joanna gives Patricia a push.

    “Point of No Returns”

    Joannas lie is exposed.

    “Shop Cancer’s Ass”

    Joanna has to deal with the backlash from her lie.

Critical response

Rotten Tomatoes, 75% of 12 critics’ reviews are positive, with an average rating of 6.8/10. Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, assigned a score of 62 out of 100 based on 12 critics.


Vanessa Bayer as Joanna Gold

Molly Shannon as Jackie Stilton

Paul James as Jordan Wahl

Ayden Mayeri as Beth Ann McGann

Matt Rogers as Darcy Leeds

Punam Patel as Beena Patel

Jenifer Lewis as Patricia Cochran


Matt Malloy as Chip Gold

Michelle Noh as Suzanne Dunaysh

Bess Armstrong as Marcy Gold

Jason Schwartzman as Ethan

Johnno Wilson as Perry

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