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Life & Beth

Comedy, Drama
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Life & Beth

Life & Beth, an American comedy-drama created for Hulu created by and starring Amy Schumer, aired for the first time March 18, 2022. One month after this series aired, it renewed for a second season that would consist of ten episodes. Though there will be a second season, it is unsure as to when the season is going to be released, or if it is even in the works yet.

Life & Beth is actually supposed to serve as a farewell to beloved comedian Amy Schumer. Throughout this series, Amy draws from experiences that have happened in her own life. She talks about her husband Chris Fischer and what their relationship is like. This series is not like any other Amy Schumer series or movie that you have watched, it is actually quite different. In this series, she isn’t the wild hilarious Amy that she is in most of her shows. Amy portrays herself as very grounded and adds some mild humor, but nothing too over the top. This is truly a way to experience Amy’s life and her experiences as a child that led her to certain decisions she made as an adult. The series can be all over the place at times, though it is a true look into Amy’s life.

After Life & Beth aired. It received really positive reviews from not only critics but die-hard Amy Schumer fans as well. Many critics said that it was a refreshing look into Amy Schumer’s life. Also added that it was the most real version of her that they have ever seen in one of her series or movies. This series was really different for Amy as she normally is doing raunchy stand up comedy. This was more light hearted and mildly funny, and it got really great feedback for that reason.

  • Season One

    S1 E1 · Life & Beth
    S1 E2 · We’re Grieving
    S1 E3 · Out on the Island
    S1 E4 · Pancakes
    S1 E5 · Fair
    S1 E6 · Boat
    S1 E7 · Leonard
    S1 E8 · Homegoing
    S1 E9 · MRI
    S1 E10 · Kiss From a Rose


Amy Schumer as Beth

Violet Young as a young version of Beth

Michael Cera as John

Susannah Flood as Ann


Yamaneika Saunders as Maya

Michael Rapaport as Leonard

Jon Glaser as Gerald

Kevin Kane as Matt

Laura Benanti as Jane

Larry Owens as Clark

Rosebud Baker as Meri

LaVar Walker as Lavar

Gary Gulman as Shlomo

Murray Hill as Murray

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