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Love on the Spectrum USA

Reality television
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Love on the Spectrum USA

Love on the Spectrum USA, an American reality show created for Netflix by Karina Holden and Cian O’Clery, aired for the very first time May 18, 2022. This series was first made in Australia. After the Australian version aired and did really well. They then decided to create an American version with the same concept. The same people produced the Australian version and the American version, so they are extremely similar. There haven’t been any updates as of this far as to whether or not there will be a season two of Love on the Spectrum.

Love on the Spectrum USA, follows the lives of six people on the spectrum of autism. Throughout the series, these six people go on dates. They are set up on these dates with the hope that they will find true love and their perfect match. This series strives to show its audience that these adults that are on the autism spectrum, all desire love just as much as anyone else in the universe. It also shows that these six people that are on the autism spectrum have very successful lives. Meaning that they are very successful in their personal lives. Such as their friendships and the support system that they have around them.

Since Love on the Spectrum USA aired, it has received a lot of positive feedback from critics. Critics have stated that this series is a truly heartwarming show. They also claim that this series houses so many dynamic and amazing personalities, that its hard not to love this show. Overall, the American version of this series has been as big of a hit as the Australian version. It has definitely gained the hearts of millions all over the world. And critics have been raving about it ever since it aired on Netflix.


  • Season One

    S1 E1 · Episode 1
    S1 E2 · Episode 2
    S1 E3 · Episode 3
    S1 E4 · Episode 4
    S1 E5 · Episode 5
    S1 E6 · Episode 6

This series has received amazing reviews.

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