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Married at First Sight

Reality television
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Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight, an American reality TV series, created for Netflix by Chris Coelen, Eric Detwiler, and Montre Burton. This series first aired July 8, 2014. And had currently aired a total of 15 seasons. This series is based on another series called ‘Gift Ved Forste Blik’ which is a Danish series.

Over the seasons of Married at First Sight, it has followed countless amounts of singles that chose marriage at first sight, because they struggled to find love themselves in the real world. Basically, professionals match these singles to other singles that they think would suit them well. Then they plan their wedding, and the first time they see each other is when they are at the altar saying “I do”. Following the marriage, there required to live like a married couple for a few weeks, including moving in together. They do this until what they call “decision day”. This is when they decide if they would like to stay married or not.

Out of all of the 15 seasons of Married at First Sight, their total success rate is 24%, which is extremely low. In total there 54 couples matched with one another. Out of those 54 couples, only 33 of the couples have chosen to stay together on decision day. Out of the 33 that chose to stay together on decision day, more than half of them have ultimately ended up divorced, have filed for divorce, or have told the world they are divorcing. In total, the number of couples that have stayed together after getting married at first sight, is only 13 couples.

After the release of Married at First Sight, theres very mixed reviews. Some die-hard fans of the show really love it and cant wait for new seasons to come out. Though other critics think it is an extremely pointless show.

  • Season One

    S1 E12 · Unveiled
    S1 E11 · 6 Months Later
    S1 E10 · The Big Decision
    S1 E9 · Last Chance at Romance
    S1 E8 · Conflict & Resolution
    S1 E7 · Social Life
    S1 E6 · Intimacy
    S1 E5 · Everyday Life
    S1 E4 · Moving In
    S1 E3 · The Honeymoons
    S1 E2 · Matchmaking Part 2
    S1 E1 · Matchmaking
  • Season Two

    S2 E15 · 6 Months Later (Part 2)
    S2 E14 · 6 Months Later (Part 1)
    S2 E13 · The Big Decision
    S2 E12 · Last Chance for Romance
    S2 E11 · Lifestyle
    S2 E10 · Intimacy
    S2 E9 · Conflict
    S2 E8 · Adjusting to Married Life
    S2 E7 · Happy New Year
    S2 E6 · Moving In
    S2 E5 · The Holidays
    S2 E4 · Honeymoons
    S2 E3 · The Wedding
    S2 E2 · The Weddings
    S2 E1 · Wedding Preparations
  • Season Three

    S3 E15 · Six Months Later
    S3 E14 · Final Decision, Part 2
    S3 E13 · Final Decision, Part 1
    S3 E12 · Last Chance for Romance
    S3 E11 · Intimacy, Part 2
    S3 E10 · Celebrations
    S3 E9 · Making Memories
    S3 E8 · Breaking Down Barriers
    S3 E7 · Intimacy, Part 1
    S3 E6 · In-Laws
    S3 E5 · Moving In
    S3 E4 · Honeymoons
    S3 E3 · Wedding Night
    S3 E2 · The Weddings
    S3 E1 · Los preparativos de boda
  • Season Four

    S4 E15 · After the Decision
    S4 E14 · Till Death Do Us Part
    S4 E13 · Forsaking All Others
    S4 E12 · In-Laws
    S4 E11 · To Love and to Cherish
    S4 E10 · Naked Truth
    S4 E9 · In Sickness and in Health
    S4 E8 · To Have and to Hold
    S4 E7 · For Better or Worse
    S4 E6 · For Richer or Poorer
    S4 E5 · Honeymoons, Pt. 2
    S4 E4 · Honeymoons, Pt. 1
    S4 E3 · Just Married
    S4 E2 · The Weddings
    S4 E1 · Wedding Preparations
  • Season Five

    S5 E16 · Final Decisions
    S5 E15 · Second Honeymoons
    S5 E14 · Intimacy, Part 2
    S5 E13 · Support
    S5 E12 · One Month Anniversary
    S5 E11 · Confronting the Past
    S5 E10 · Celebrations
    S5 E9 · Trust
    S5 E8 · Intimacy
    S5 E7 · The In-Laws
    S5 E6 · Move-Ins
    S5 E5 · Honeymoons Part 2
    S5 E4 · Honeymoons Part 1
    S5 E3 · The Wedding Night
    S5 E2 · Weddings
    S5 E1 · Wedding Prep
  • Season Six

    S6 E17 · Reunion Special: After the Decisions
    S6 E16 · The Final Decisions
    S6 E15 · Eleventh Hour
    S6 E14 · Second Honeymoon
    S6 E13 · Second Honeymoons
    S6 E12 · Great Expectations
    S6 E11 · Planning for the Future
    S6 E10 · Communication
    S6 E9 · One Month Anniversaries
    S6 E8 · Love Languages
    S6 E7 · In-Laws and Friends
    S6 E6 · Move-Ins
    S6 E5 · Honeymoons
    S6 E4 · Honeymoons
    S6 E3 · The Newlyweds
    S6 E2 · Weddings
    S6 E1 · Wedding Prep
  • Season Seven

    S7 E17 · I Still Do?
    S7 E16 · All Roads Lead to This
    S7 E15 · Last Chance for Romance
    S7 E14 · Down to the Wire
    S7 E13 · A Future to Believe In
    S7 E12 · The Art of Communication
    S7 E11 · State of the Union
    S7 E10 · From Stranger to Sweetheart
    S7 E9 · Fantasies and Firsts
    S7 E8 · Back to Reality
    S7 E7 · I Want an Equal Partner
    S7 E6 · Too Close for Comfort
    S7 E5 · Trouble in Paradise
    S7 E4 · Pressure or Paradise
    S7 E3 · Who Did I Marry?
    S7 E2 · Here Comes a Stranger Part 2
    S7 E1 · Here Comes a Stranger Part 1
  • Season Eight

    S8 E15 · Finale Reunion
    S8 E14 · The End or the Beginning
    S8 E13 · Doomed or Devoted
    S8 E12 · You Give Love a Bad Name
    S8 E11 · My Little Secret
    S8 E10 · D Day Comes Early
    S8 E9 · One Month Down, Forever to Go?
    S8 E8 · The Past and the Furious
    S8 E7 · Can I Trust You?
    S8 E6 · Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby
    S8 E5 · Honey, I’m Home?
    S8 E4 · ‘Til Mud Do Us Part
    S8 E3 · Strangers in Paradise
    S8 E2 · Married at Second Sight
    S8 E1 · First Comes Marriage, Then Comes Love Part 1
  • Season Nine

    S9 E15 · Finale Reunion
    S9 E14 · The Forever Decision
    S9 E13 · She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
    S9 E12 · Bear With Me
    S9 E11 · Secrets of the Past
    S9 E10 · Are You Committed?
    S9 E9 · One Month Down, Never to Go
    S9 E8 · How Can I Trust You?
    S9 E7 · Where Is My Husband?
    S9 E6 · Real Life and Real Wife
    S9 E5 · Paradise Lost?
    S9 E4 · Stranger Love in Paradise
    S9 E3 · Don’t Kiss on First Wedding Night
    S9 E2 · Something Borrowed, Someone New
    S9 E1 · Nice to Marry You
  • Season Ten

    S10 E17 · Season 10 Reunion
    S10 E16 · Until Decision Day Do We Part
    S10 E15 · Forever or Never
    S10 E14 · Fight or Flight?
    S10 E13 · Secrets and Lies
    S10 E12 · Move In or Move On
    S10 E11 · Anniversaries and Secrets
    S10 E10 · I Want You to Want Me
    S10 E9 · The L Word
    S10 E8 · Home Is Where Your Spouse Is
    S10 E7 · New Wife, New Life
    S10 E6 · In Seasickness and in Health
    S10 E5 · Trouble in Paradise
    S10 E4 · One Night Spouse
    S10 E3 · I Married a Stranger
    S10 E2 · Here Comes the Stranger
    S10 E1 · First Comes Marriage, Then Comes Love
  • Season Eleven

    S11 E17 · The Grand Finale
    S11 E16 · We Need to Get a Divorce
    S11 E15 · Pack Your Bags!
    S11 E14 · Stranger Spouse
    S11 E13 · Home Alone
    S11 E12 · One Month Down and a Quarantine to Go
    S11 E11 · Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby
    S11 E10 · Dealbreakers
    S11 E9 · Opening Up Is Hard To Do
    S11 E8 · You Can Get Out of This!
    S11 E7 · The Honeymoon is Over
    S11 E6 · I See Red Flags
    S11 E5 · The Honeymoon Begins
    S11 E4 · What Happened Last Night?
    S11 E3 · It’s Not the First Time
    S11 E2 · I’ve Never Met My Fiancé
    S11 E1 · The Story Begins
  • Season Twelve

    S12 E19 · Atlanta Reunion, Part 2
    S12 E18 · Atlanta Reunion, Part 1
    S12 E17 · Real Life Starts Now
    S12 E16 · Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace
    S12 E15 · Retreat Ready
    S12 E14 · I Expected a Little Better
    S12 E13 · Unanswered Questions
    S12 E12 · Must Love Dogs
    S12 E11 · The Monthiversary
    S12 E10 · Third Week’s a Charm
    S12 E9 · Three Little Words
    S12 E8 · Face to Face
    S12 E7 · How Do You Know If You’re in Love?
    S12 E6 · Defending Your Wife
    S12 E5 · Last Night Was Magic
    S12 E4 · Romance or Regret
    S12 E3 · Til Awkwardness Do Us Part
    S12 E2 · Hello, Stranger
    S12 E1 · Countdown to Meltdown
  • Season Thirteen

    S13 E19 · Houston Reunion, Part 2
    S13 E18 · Houston Reunion, Part 1
    S13 E17 · Down & Dirty Decision Day
    S13 E16 · Weighing the Decision
    S13 E15 · Memory Lane
    S13 E14 · Country Chaos
    S13 E13 · Tears, Jeers, and 25 Cent Martinis
    S13 E12 · Is There Someone Else?
    S13 E11 · Caution: Feelings Approaching
    S13 E10 · Locked Out
    S13 E9 · Could This Be Love?
    S13 E8 · Family & Friends & Feelings
    S13 E7 · Home, Not Alone
    S13 E6 · Out of the Comfort Zone
    S13 E5 · The Keys to My Heart
    S13 E4 · One Day Down, a Lifetime to Go
    S13 E3 · Their First Rodeo
    S13 E2 · Houston, We Have a Marriage
    S13 E1 · Lone Stars No More
  • Season Fourteen

    S14 E19 · Boston Reunion, Part 2
    S14 E18 · Boston Reunion, Part 1
    S14 E17 · Got My Mind Made Up
    S14 E16 · Are You In, or Are You Out?
    S14 E15 · Past Lives, Open Minds
    S14 E14 · It’s Just a Blip
    S14 E13 · Popping the Questions
    S14 E12 · Settling In, or Just Settling?
    S14 E11 · Worst. Dinner Party. Ever!
    S14 E10 · Mighty Mighty Boston Bonds
    S14 E9 · Is Love on the Table?
    S14 E8 · Striking a Balance
    S14 E7 · This Is My Decision Day
    S14 E6 · Dark Side of the Honeymoon
    S14 E5 · It’s Not a Shore Thing
    S14 E4 · Bliss, Brunches and Brawls … Oh My!
    S14 E3 · Bean Town Wedding Throw Down
    S14 E2 · Nice Day for a Wicked Wedding
    S14 E1 · The Weddings Are Coming! The Weddings Are Coming!
  • Season Fifteen

    S15 E2 · Whole Wife for a Whole Life?
    S15 E1 · So Ready in Socal
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