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The Bachelorette

Reality television
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The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette, an American reality dating TV show created for Hulu by Mike Fleiss, aired for the first time January 8, 2003. This series is a spinoff of the popular reality dating show “The Bachelor”. The Bachelorette has continued renewing for more seasons and is currently airing the 19th season. For most of the series, Chris Harrison hosted it. But after 16 seasons Chris Harrison is no longer hosting the show, and the current season’s host is Jesse Palmer.

In the series The Bachelorette there is a specific method to the madness. There is one girl as the bachelorette, usually the runner-up from The Bachelor. Once she’s the bachelorette, she has 25 single men to choose from. Each week the chosen girl will go on a group date with the man of her choice, and a one-on-one date with the man of her choice. At the end of the group date, she chooses one guy to give a rose to, which keeps him safe from going home. On the one-on-one date, she chooses if she wants to give him a rose, or immediately send him home.

On The Bachelorette, after the week is over and the woman has gone on all of her dates, she then has a rose ceremony. This is where all of the guys gather together, and she picks who she would like to give roses to. The men without roses at the end, ultimately end up going home. This process continues until it gets down to the last four men. Once there is four men left, she then meets all of their parents, as well as them meeting hers. After meeting the parents the process continues until two men make it to the finale. The one she chooses at the end ultimately must end up proposing to her.

  • Season One

    S1聽E6 路 Episode 6
    S1 E5 路 Episode 5
    S1 E4 路 Episode 4
    S1 E3 路 Episode 3
    S1 E2 路 Episode 2
    S1 E1 路 Episode 1
  • Season Two

    S2聽E9 路 After the Final Rose
    S2 E8 路 Week 7
    S2 E7 路 The Men Tell All
    S2 E6 路 Week 6
    S2 E5 路 Week 5
    S2 E4 路 Week 4
    S2 E3 路 Week 3
    S2 E2 路 Week 2
    S2 E1 路 Week 1
  • Season Three

    S3聽E9 路 After the Final Rose
    S3 E8 路 Week 7
    S3 E7 路 The Men Tell All
    S3 E6 路 Week 6
    S3 E5 路 Week 5
    S3 E4 路 Week 4
    S3 E3 路 Week 3
    S3 E2 路 Week 2
    S3 E1 路 Week 1
  • Season Four

    S4聽E11 路 After the Final Rose
    S4 E10 路 Week 8
    S4 E9 路 The Men Tell All
    S4 E8 路 Week 7
    S4 E7 路 Week 6
    S4 E6 路 Week 5
    S4 E5 路 DeAnna Tells All
    S4 E4 路 Week 4
    S4 E3 路 Week 3
    S4 E2 路 Week 2
    S4 E1 路 Week 1
  • Season Five

    S5聽E12 路 After the Final Rose
    S5 E11 路 Week 10
    S5 E10 路 The Men Tell All
    S5 E9 路 Week 9
    S5 E8 路 Week 8
    S5 E7 路 Week 7
    S5 E6 路 Week 6
    S5 E5 路 Week 5
    S5 E4 路 Week 4
    S5 E3 路 Week 3
    S5 E2 路 Week 2
    S5 E1 路 Week 1
  • Season Six

    S6 E12 路 After the Final Rose
    S6聽E11 路 The Bachelorette: Episode 11
    S6聽E10 路 The Men Tell All
    S6聽E9 路 Episode 9
    S6聽E8 路 Episode 8
    S6聽E7 路 Episode 7
    S6聽E6 路 Episode 6
    S6聽E5 路 Episode 5
    S6聽E4 路 Episode 4
    S6聽E3 路 Episode 3
    S6 E2 路 Episode 2
    S6聽E1 路 Episode 1
  • Season Seven

    S7 E12 路 After the Final Rose
    S7聽E11 路 The Final Rose
    S7聽E10 路 The Men Tell All
    S7聽E9 路 Week 9
    S7聽E8 路 Week 8
    S7聽E7 路 Week 7
    S7聽E6 路 Week 6
    S7聽E5 路 Week 5
    S7聽E4 路 Week 4
    S7聽E3 路 Week 3
    S7聽E2 路 Week 2
    S7聽E1 路 Week 1
  • Season Eight

    S8 E12 路 After the Final Rose
    S8聽E11 路 The Final Rose
    S8聽E10 路 The Men Tell All
    S8聽E9 路 Week 9
    S8聽E8 路 Week 8
    S8聽E7 路 The Bachelorette: Episode 807
    S8聽E6 路 The Bachelorette: Episode 806
    S8聽E5 路 Week 5
    S8聽E4 路 The Bachelorette: Episode 804
    S8聽E3 路 Week 3
    S8聽E2 路 The Bachelorette: Episode 802
    S8聽E1 路 Week 1
  • Season Nine

    S9 E12 路 After the Final Rose
    S9聽E11 路 Finale: Part 2
    S9聽E10 路 Finale: Part 1
    S9 E9 路 The Men Tell All
    S9聽E8 路 Episode 8
    S9聽E7 路 Week 7
    S9聽E6 路 Week 6
    S9聽E5 路 Week 5
    S9聽E4 路 Week 4
    S9聽E3 路 Week 3
    S9聽E2 路 The Bachelorette Season 9 Episode 2
    S9聽E1 路 Week 1
  • Season Ten

    S10 E13 路 After the Final Rose
    S10聽E12 路 Week 10: Dominican Republic (Season Finale)
    S10聽E11 路 The Men Tell All
    S10聽E10 路 Week 9: Dominican Republic (Overnight Dates)
    S10聽E9 路 Week 8: Hometown Dates
    S10聽E8 路 Week 7: Belgium
    S10聽E7 路 Week 6: Venice, Italy
    S10聽E6 路 Week 5: Marseille, France
    S10聽E4 路 Week 4: Connecticut
    S10聽E3 路 Week 3: Santa Barbara
    S10 E2 路 Week 2: Male Revue Charity Event
    S10聽E1 路 Week 1: Limo Arrivals
  • Season Eleven

    S11 E13 路 The Bachelorette 1113
    S11聽E12 路 The Bachelorette 1112
    S11聽E11 路 The Bachelorette 1111
    S11聽E10 路 The Bachelorette 1110
    S11聽E9 路 Overnight Dates Begin
    S11聽E8 路 The Bachelorette 1108
    S11聽E7 路 The Bachelorette 1107
    S11聽E6 路 San Antonio, TX – Dance Contest, Mariachi, River Walk Kayaking
    S11聽E5 路 The Bachelorette 1105
    S11聽E4 路 The Bachelorette 1104
    S11聽E3 路 The Bachelorette 1103
    S11聽E2 路 The Bachelorette 1102
    S11聽E1 路 The Bachelorette 1101
  • Season Twelve

    S12 E12 路 After the Final Rose
    S12聽E11 路 Season Finale
    S12聽E10 路 The Men Tell All
    S12聽E9 路 Thailand
    S12聽E8 路 Hometown Dates
    S12聽E7 路 Argentina Countryside
    S12聽E6 路 Buenos Aires
    S12聽E5 路 Uruguay
    S12聽E4 路 Pt.2: Pennsylvania
    S12聽E3 路 Pt.1: Sex Talk
    S12聽E2 路 ESPN’s BachelorNation
    S12聽E1 路 Season Premiere
  • Season Thirteen

    S13聽E11 路 Week 9: Season 13 Finale
    S13 E10 路 The Men Tell All
    S13聽E9 路 Week 8: Spain
    S13聽E8 路 Week 7: Hometown Dates
    S13聽E7 路 Week 6: Switzerland
    S13聽E6 路 Week 5: Part 2
    S13聽E5 路 Week 5: Part 1
    S13聽E4 路 Week 4: Hilton Head Island
    S13聽E3 路 Week 3: Ellen DeGeneres & More
    S13聽E2 路 Week 2: Celebrity Guests
    S13聽E1 路 Week 1: Season Premiere
  • Season Fourteen

    S14聽E11 路 The Bachelorette 1411
    S14聽E10 路 The Bachelorette 1410
    S14聽E9 路 The Bachelorette 1409
    S14聽E8 路 The Bachelorette 1408
    S14聽E7 路 The Bachelorette 1407
    S14聽E6 路 The Bachelorette 1406
    S14聽E5 路 The Bachelorette 1405
    S14聽E4 路 The Bachelorette 1404
    S14聽E3 路 The Bachelorette 1403
    S14聽E2 路 The Bachelorette 1402
    S14聽E1 路 The Bachelorette 1401
  • Season FIfteen

    S15聽E13 路 The Bachelorette 1513
    S15聽E12 路 The Bachelorette 1512
    S15聽E11 路 The Bachelorette 1511
    S15聽E10 路 The Bachelorette 1510
    S15聽E8 路 The Bachelorette 1508
    S15聽E7 路 The Bachelorette 1507
    S15聽E6 路 The Bachelorette 1506
    S15聽E5 路 The Bachelorette 1505
    S15聽E4 路 The Bachelorette 1504
    S15聽E3 路 The Bachelorette 1503
    S15聽E2 路 The Bachelorette 1502
    S15聽E1 路 The Bachelorette 1501
  • Season Sixteen

    S16聽E13 路 Episode 1613
    S16聽E12 路 Episode 1612
    S16聽E11 路 Episode 1611
    S16聽E10 路 The Men Tell All
    S16聽E9 路 Episode 1609
    S16聽E8 路 Episode 1608
    S16聽E7 路 Episode 1607
    S16聽E6 路 Episode 1606
    S16聽E5 路 Episode 1605
    S16聽E4 路 Episode 1604
    S16聽E3 路 Episode 1603
    S16聽E2 路 Episode 1602
    S16聽E1 路 Episode 1601
  • Season Seventeen

    S17聽E10 路 The Bachelorette: Finale After The Final Rose
    S17聽E9 路 Episode 9
    S17聽E8 路 Men Tell All
    S17聽E7 路 Episode 7
    S17聽E6 路 Episode 6
    S17聽E5 路 Episode 5
    S17聽E4 路 Episode 4
    S17聽E3 路 Episode 3
    S17聽E2 路 Episode 2
    S17聽E1 路 Episode 1
  • Season Eighteen

    S18聽E11 路 After the Final Rose
    S18聽E10 路 Episode 10
    S18聽E9 路 Episode 9
    S18聽E8 路 The Men Tell All
    S18聽E7 路 Episode 7
    S18聽E6 路 Episode 6
    S18聽E5 路 Episode 5
    S18聽E4 路 Episode 4
    S18聽E3 路 Episode 3
    S18聽E2 路 Episode 2
    S18聽E1 路 Episode 1
  • Season Nineteen

    S19聽E2 路 Episode 2
    S19聽E1 路 Episode 1

The Bachelorette has received really mixed reviews.

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