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The Ultimatum

Dating Show, Reality television
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The Ultimatum

The Ultimatum, a reality dating TV show created for Netflix by Chris Coelen, aired for the very first time April 6, 2022. Before the show ever aired, in March 2022, it already renewed for a second season.

The purpose of The Ultimatum is exactly what it sounds like. This show is all about giving your partner an ultimatum. The reason these couples come on this show is because one of the partners is ready for marriage, but the other isn’t. In the series, it starts off with all of the couples introducing who they are. And which partner is the one that is giving the ultimatum. All of the couples then begin to get to know each other. Because they will soon be switching partners with another couple.

After getting to know the other couples, they then pick one of the other couple’s partners to be in a relationship with for a few weeks. The purpose of this is to see if the grass is greener on the other side. Or if they really do want to be with their current partner. After spending a few weeks with a different partner. They will then go back to their actual partner for a few weeks to see if anything has changed. At the end of the series, there will be a decision day. On this day they will have to decide if they want to leave their current partner to explore a relationship with someone else. Or if they want to get married to the partner they came in with.

Since The Ultimatum aired, it hasn’t received the best reviews from critics. Many critics say it is completely terrible. They state it is not a show that has great morals as they are purposely tempting couples that are in relationships. Though normal watchers of the show have seemed to love it.


  • Season One


    S1 E1 · The Split

    S1 E2 · The Choice

    S1 E3 · New Bed, New Partner

    S1 E4 · Girls & Guys Night Out

    S1 E5 · Pushing Boundaries

    S1 E6 · The Changeover

    S1 E7 · Back to Reality

    S1 E8 · Time to Answer the 

    S1 E9 · Episode 9

    S1 E10 · Episode 10

There have been mixed reviews regarding this series.

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