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    Lifetime (season 1), Netflix (season 2–present)
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You is an American psychological thriller series on Netflix, based on the books by Caroline Kepnes. Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble developed You. Berlanti Productions, Alloy Entertainment, and A+E Studios in association with Warner Bros. Television produced You.
The first season, which is based on the novel You, premiered on Lifetime in September 2018, and follows Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager and serial killer who falls in love and develops an extreme obsession. Because of that, he stalks  the girl Beck that he’s fixated on. But ultimately she figures him out, which results in him killing her. The season stars Penn Badgley, Elizabeth Lail, Luca Padovan, Zach Cherry, and Shay Mitchell. Lifetime announced in July 2018 that Netflix renewed You for a second season, based on Kepnes’ follow-up novel Hidden Bodies.
You moved to Netflix and the second season aired in December 2019. Season two follows Joe as he moves to Los Angeles and falls in love with local heiress Love Quinn. Because of his obsession, he gets just as fixated on love. Though she ends up being just as crazy as he is, and helps him commit murder. For the second season of You, Ambyr Childers upgraded to a series regular. Joining new cast members Victoria Pedretti, James Scully, Jenna Ortega, and Carmela Zumbado.
In January 2020, the series renewed for a third season by Netflix, but aired on October 15, 2021. In the third season Love and Joe have a seemingly good relationship. That is until he doesn’t want to be with her anymore, ultimately ending up killing her. Saffron Burrows upgraded to a series regular, joining newly cast Travis Van Winkle, Shalita Grant, Tati Gabrielle and Dylan Arnold. In October 2021, ahead of the third season premiere, the series renewed for a fourth season. You is extremely popular, so no one is surprised it got renewed.

  • Season 1 (2018)

    E.1 – “Pilot
    Bookstore manager Joe Goldberg meets aspiring writer Guinevere Beck, and an internet search about her leads to Joe following Beck around, monitoring her social interactions, and even entering her apartment while she is out. Joe is nearby when a drunken Beck falls onto the subway tracks, and he saves her. Joe takes Beck home but steals her phone, giving him full access to everything she does with her new phone due to it automatically synchronizing with her old one. Beck later stops by the bookstore to thank him for rescuing her, and he asks her out. Joe lures Beck’s philandering boyfriend Benji to the basement of his shop, hits him in the head with a mallet, and locks him in a plexiglass book vault.

    E.2 – “The Last Nice Guy in New York
    Joe is not sure what to do with Benji, who is a drug-addicted trust fund baby and desperate to be freed. Meanwhile, when Beck rejects her professor’s advances, he threatens to take away her teaching assistant job and consequently, her housing. Beck’s wealthy friend Peach is suspicious of Joe. Beck turns the tables on Professor Leahy by threatening to expose his sexual harassment of her and six other women. After obtaining a video of Benji hazing a fraternity pledge to death, Joe gives him a coffee laced with peanut oil, and Benji dies from an allergic reaction.

    E.3 – “Maybe
    Joe plans how to get rid of Benji’s body, while Beck is intimidated by Blythe, a rival graduate student. Joe doubles down on his efforts to convince Beck that he is “the one” for her after finding out that she is still having sex with other men in order to get over Benji. Joe overhears Beck telling her friends that she is not completely sure about Joe, calling him a “maybe”. Beck opens up to Joe about her addict father, but their attempt at lovemaking is interrupted by Peach, who needs to be taken to the hospital for a chronic ailment. Joe is almost caught by hikers while he is burning Benji’s body in the woods as he is talking to Beck on the phone. She invites him over to her apartment and they finally have sex, but he prematurely ejaculates.

    E.4 – “The Captain
    Beck surreptitiously messages her friends about Joe’s disappointing lovemaking, which he sees via her old phone. Still monitoring her texts, Joe sees that Beck has made weekend plans with an older man she calls “The Captain” and lies to her friends about it. A jealous Joe follows her to a Charles Dickens festival in Nyack and soon learns that the man is her father, Edward, who she had previously said was dead. Meanwhile, Peach has learned that Joe is in Nyack, which forces him to reveal himself to Beck. They go to lunch with Edward and his new family, but Beck explodes at her critical and disapproving stepmother, Nancy. Beck explains to Joe that her father left her family after a drug overdose, and although he has overcome his addiction, she has kept him at a distance. Joe and Beck have sex again, this time much to Beck’s satisfaction.

    E.5 – “Living with the Enemy
    Peach continues to be suspicious of Joe, who seeks a way to neutralize her. Peach makes a show of introducing Beck to a famous literary agent, but when he hits on Beck and tells her the negative things Peach said about her, Beck blows up at Peach. Joe sees through Peach’s subsequent faked suicide attempt, and in accessing her laptop comes to realize she is infatuated with Beck. Knowing that Peach will always win Beck’s attention, Joe follows Peach on her morning run in Central Park and hits her over the head with a rock. Joe arrives home to find that Paco has drugged Ron to protect his mother. Joe saves Ron, but the unhinged Ron beats him. Joe learns that Peach is alive.

    E.6 – “Amour Fou
    A recovering Peach is staying with Beck and she banishes Joe. Joe explains to Beck that Peach is in love with her and trying to keep Beck dependent on her. Joe secretly follows when Peach whisks Beck off to the Salinger family estate in Greenwich, but he hits his head and begins hallucinating his ex-girlfriend Candace. Peach invites her and Beck’s old friend Raj over. They all ingest MDMA and Peach attempts to initiate a threesome with Beck and Raj. Beck turns down her advances and leaves the room to text Joe. Beck confronts Peach about the kiss and leaves, after which Peach discovers Joe in the house and pulls a gun on him. She accuses him of stalking her, and Joe reveals all that he knows about her. They wrestle for the gun, and Peach is killed. Joe types a suicide note on Peach’s computer, leading detectives to believe that Peach shot herself.

    E.7 – “Everythingship
    Joe makes an appointment with Beck’s therapist, Dr. Nicky, using the alias Paul. He talks about how his relationship with “Renaldo”—really Beck—was going well after Peach’s death a month before but slowly deteriorated. With Beck becoming increasingly moody, distant, and secretive, Joe jealously follows her, but she catches him. He accuses her of cheating on him with her therapist, and she breaks up with Joe. In the present, Joe listens to one of Beck’s therapy sessions on Dr. Nicky’s computer, which makes Joe realize Beck is better off without him right now. He tells her what she wants to hear and lets her go.

    E.8 – “You Got Me, Babe
    Three months after his and Beck’s breakup, Joe is happily dating Karen, and Beck’s story about Peach’s death has landed her a book deal. Beck begins to miss Joe and begins texting him after running into him at a food truck. Both Beck and Joe confide in Dr. Nicky: Beck denies flirting with Joe but is sure that Karen is wrong for him, while Joe is starting to compare his new love “Brad” (Karen) with his ex, “Renaldo” (Beck). Joe and Beck reconnect while helping Blythe move in with Ethan, and Joe and Beck later have sex. A tearful Beck admits to Joe that she now knows how good he was for her, but she was afraid to need him. Joe breaks up with Karen and rushes over to visit Beck, who agrees to get back together with him. Karen confronts Beck, leading her to become suspicious of Joe’s past.

    E.9 – “Candace
    Joe recalls Candace’s cheating on him with Elijah, whom Joe subsequently impulsively pushes to his death from a bridge after confronting him. Meanwhile, since Joe will not talk to her about Candace, Beck begins her own investigation to learn what happened between them and why no one ever heard from Candace again. When her efforts lead to a dead end, Beck confronts Joe, who explains everything to Beck’s satisfaction. Joe takes Beck to meet Mooney (who has had a stroke and is unable to communicate), Joe’s father figure and the original owner of the bookstore. Joe discovers that Beck did have an affair with Dr. Nicky, which she finally admits before telling Joe she loves him. Clued in by something Paco says, Beck discovers Joe’s hiding place in the bathroom ceiling. She is horrified as she finds her old cellphone as well as Benji’s and Peach’s, in addition to other disturbing mementos which he has kept. When Joe realizes what Beck has found, he locks her in the book vault.

    E.10 – “Bluebeard’s CastleJoe learns from Annika and Lynn that Peach’s family have hired a private investigator to look into her death. Imprisonment prompts Beck to write about her own actions which have brought her to her current situation, and she suggests to Joe that he use Dr. Nicky as a scapegoat for his crimes. Ron’s abuse puts Claudia in the hospital, and Joe kills him to protect Paco. Joe explains to Beck his reasoning for murdering Benji and Peach, and relates it to his childhood mental abuse at Mooney’s hands. She appears to empathize with Joe and seems grateful for his actions. Beck lures Joe into the vault and manages to lock him in, revealing that it was all just an act to get him to open the door. Still trapped in the basement, she calls out to Paco, who thinks she knows about Ron and leaves. Joe escapes the vault and kills Beck. Four months later, Joe has used Beck’s writing to frame Dr. Nicky for all of Joe’s murders. Claudia and Paco move to California. Joe is stunned when Candace comes into the bookstore, telling him they have unfinished business.

  • Season 2 (2019)

    E.1 – “A Fresh Start
    After an intense encounter with Candace during which she vows to make him suffer, Joe flees New York for Los Angeles. Using the name Will, he secures an apartment and gets a job in the book cafe of a trendy family-owned grocery store, Anavrin. There he meets Love Quinn, a local woman who works in the kitchen. A nervous Joe resists her advances while befriending Ellie Alves, his 15-year-old neighbor. After Ellie coaches Joe to create an authentic social media presence, Love takes him on a food tour of the city to get to know him, and he finds himself very attracted. A mysterious visitor to his apartment prompts Joe to visit the real Will, whom he has locked inside a plexiglass vault in a rented storage unit. Joe recalls how seeing and then stalking Love led him to find an apartment near hers and get a job where she works.

    E.2 – “Just the Tip
    Joe recalls his arrival in LA, and meeting with Will, a man who sells clean identities. Joe knocks out Will, locks him in the vault and assumes his identity. In the present, Love kisses Joe, and he starts imagining Beck nearby whenever he is with Love. Will’s visitor, Jasper, cuts off the last joint of Joe’s pinky finger when he does not have the $50,000 Will owes him. Joe spies on a lunch between Love and her three friends: Lucy, a Hollywood agent; Sunrise, Lucy’s girlfriend; and Gabe, Love’s pansexual best friend. Love catches Joe in a lie and is upset, but they later mend fences and agree to be friends, as Joe is genuinely afraid he will hurt her. Joe lures Jasper to the storage unit and kills him, and a guilty Joe apologizes to his vision of Beck. After having his finger joint reattached, Joe dismembers Jasper’s body in the Anavrin kitchen and puts him through the meat grinder. Ellie’s older sister Delilah, a reporter, tells Joe that she was drugged and raped at age 17 by the well-known comedian Henderson.

    E.3 – “What Are Friends For?
    While Joe struggles to resist his attraction to Love, he befriends her self-absorbed twin Forty, an aspiring writer/director/producer who plays at managing Anavrin. Joe’s attempt to reconnect with an icy Love backfires, and she argues with Forty about his career aspirations. Joe catches Ellie hanging around with Henderson, and vows to protect her from the predator, having already surreptitiously installed spyware on her phone. Looking for dirt on Henderson, Joe bluffs his way into the comedian’s house party. Forty tags along to pitch a project to Henderson, but has a drug-fueled meltdown. Joe sees kindness in Henderson before he takes Forty home with him and summons Love. Joe has sex with Love, and sees another side of her. After getting Will back on his meds, Joe has him search Henderson’s stolen laptop, but he finds nothing. Forty tells Joe about a kinky secret room Henderson has in his house.

    E.4 – “The Good, the Bad, & the Hendy
    Joe’s blossoming relationship with Love is challenged by Forty’s neediness, but Joe at least manages to win over Love’s friends. From the vault, Will helps Joe break into Henderson’s house. In the secret room, he finds Polaroid photos of unconscious women, including Delilah. He takes them with him and then leaves them at Delilah’s doorstep for her to find so she can expose Henderson. Joe learns that Ellie has discovered and disabled his spyware, and is going over to Henderson’s place. From the other room, Joe watches Henderson drug Ellie’s drink, so he doses Henderson as well. Joe tries to elicit a confession, but accidentally knocks Henderson down the stairs and kills him. As promised, Joe releases Will, with Will’s assurance that he will stay quiet about his ordeal and disappear. While Love and Forty are out of town at a film festival, Forty meets an attractive woman calling herself Amy, who is actually Candace.

    E.5 – “Have a Good Wellkend, Joe!
    Falling in love with Love, Joe accompanies her to a wellness retreat organized by her parents for their anniversary. Forty arrives with Candace, who found Joe after randomly seeing an online video of Forty’s meltdown at Henderson’s. Candace recalls attempting to leave Joe, but then finding herself his prisoner. Thinking he accidentally killed her, he buries her in a shallow grave, but she later awakens and crawls out. Candace’s presence puts Joe on edge, which is not helped by Love’s dysfunctional family dynamic. After Forty implodes and Love has a confrontation with her mother, Love tells Joe about Forty’s childhood abuse. Joe tells Love that he loves her. Candace puts Joe on notice, and he soon learns that Candace has convinced Forty to adapt Beck’s book into a screenplay. Though initially determined to be a suicide, the police now believe that Henderson’s death was a murder.

    E.6 – “Farewell, My Bunny
    The group attends Henderson’s funeral, and Love remembers her last days with her late husband. After catching Candace in a small lie, Love hires a private investigator to follow her. Candace appears at Joe’s apartment while he is out, so he goes to her place at night to eliminate her. Meanwhile, Candace breaks into Joe’s apartment, but Love is waiting for her. Love has learned Candace’s identity and troubled history, and Candace counters with the truth about Joe’s past. Love confronts Joe, who convinces her that he fled New York to get away from obsessive Candace, and that her darker accusations are lies. Love breaks up with him anyway, but Forty insists Joe keep his job. Joe comforts Delilah, who is upset that Henderson’s transgressions will never be made public, and they have sex.

    E.7 – “Ex-istential Crisis
    After breaking up with Joe, Love rebounds with Milo, her late husband’s best friend. Joe tries to get into the dating game by downloading an app for book lovers, only to get disappointed with flawed dates. Joe follows Milo hiking, but encounters Gabe, who takes him to a very emotional spiritual treatment. Delilah thanks Joe for suggesting she write an article about her experience with Henderson, and they end up drinking, having sex on the street and being arrested for it. Fincher refuses to help them, so Forty uses his connections to bail them out. Milo tries to take his relationship with Love to the next level, but she is not ready to commit. Forty picks a fight with Milo, getting Joe involved and angering Love. Fincher’s suspicions about Joe’s involvement in Henderson’s death prompts Delilah to search his apartment. She finds the storage unit keys, and is taking pictures of the vault when Joe arrives, tipped off by his nanny cam. He locks her inside, but says he will let her go the next day after he has safely left town.

    E.8 – “Fear and Loathing in Beverly Hills
    Forty arranges a self-kidnapping, and he and Joe are locked in a hotel room to polish Forty’s script, assisted by Ellie. Joe is uneasy but realizes that he will only leave on time to escape before Delilah’s release if he helps them. They go over the script, and Ellie suggests they rewrite it from scratch. Forty gets frustrated and escapes from the room. Joe follows him into a bar, and Forty drugs him with LSD to help the creative process. Love finds Joe’s farewell letter. Joe tries to stay sane while Forty works on the script, but hallucinates and loses time. Joe reconciles with Love, who convinces him to stay in LA, and Forty finally finishes the script, deducing correctly that Beck’s ex-boyfriend killed her in a crime of passion. Forty confesses to Joe that as a teen he blacked out and murdered his au pair lover. The next morning when he wakes up, Joe races to Delilah before the handcuff timer can go off, only to find her dead inside the vault.

    E.9 – “P.I. Joe
    Joe tries to retrace his steps while under the influence because he does not believe he murdered Delilah. Suspecting Will, Joe calls him in, but he is in Manila as promised. Joe learns from Calvin that he came to Anavrin with Forty to get some groceries. Joe learns from Forty that he dropped Joe off to “visit Delilah” and then Forty called Candace. Candace and Forty argue, but in examining her video call from Forty, Candace sees Joe and the location where he was dropped off. She arrives at the storage unit to find Joe standing over Delilah’s body in the vault, and locks Joe in. She calls Love to prove to her that Joe is a very dangerous man. Love arrives and Joe, believing he is a murderer, confesses everything to Love, and apologizes to Candace. Love then murders Candace and professes her love for Joe.

    E.10 – “Love, Actually
    Love reveals to Joe that she made him fall in love with her by meticulously studying his past. She also admits to murdering both Forty’s au-pair and Delilah. Joe’s image of Love is shattered as he understands that he is “her Beck”. Love then explains that she has a plan to give them and Forty a way to build a real family: she will implicate Ellie in Henderson’s murder but then have the Quinn family lawyers get the case closed, and also stage Delilah’s death as a suicide caused by the backlash from her article. Joe is tempted to kill Love but stops after she reveals she is pregnant with his baby. At Lucy and Sunrise’s wedding, Joe decides to love and stay with Love. Convinced that Joe was Beck’s real murderer, Forty tries to save Love from him. Joe finds Ellie, reveals Delilah’s fate, and sends her away with money before Child Protective Services can come for her. Forty confronts Joe with a gun at Anavrin but is shot and killed by Fincher. Love uses her family’s connections to clear the way and gets Forty blamed for Henderson and Candace’s deaths. Joe and Love move into a new house, and Joe’s obsessive patterns resurface when he reveals his interest in their new female neighbour.

  • Season 3 (2021)

    E.1 – “And They Lived Happily Ever After
    Love and Joe find themselves overwhelmed with their newborn son Henry, which strains their relationship. Meanwhile, Joe struggles to bond with Henry and becomes infatuated with their next-door neighbor Natalie Engler, a real estate agent and the wife of wealthy tech mogul Matthew Engler. Love tries to fit in with Madre Linda’s social circle by befriending Sherry Conrad, a local Instagram influencer. Natalie notices Joe’s interest in her and invites him for a wine night. They kiss but Joe has second thoughts and returns home to have sex with Love for the first time in months. The following night, they attend a party hosted by Sherry where Love overhears her gossiping about her family and the death of her brother Forty. Following a brief conversation with Natalie, Love accuses Joe of being obsessed with her, which he denies. Later, Natalie shows Love a vacant store to open a bakery; Love murders her on the property basement after discovering Joe’s box of paraphernalia he stole from Natalie.

    E.2 – “So I Married an Axe Murderer
    Joe and Love attend couple’s therapy to address their struggling marriage. Meanwhile, they develop a strategy to dispose of Natalie’s body at a nearby forest and create a convincing alibi for her disappearance. Love meets Theo, a college student, on a chance encounter at the supermarket, while Joe befriends Marienne, Madre Linda’s librarian, who allows him to restore rare books to sell for money toward Ellie. Upon discovering at the Conrads’ children’s birthday that Madre Linda’s residents all wear a biosensor developed by Matthew on their rings, Joe and Love exhume Natalie’s body, remove her wedding ring, and bury her beneath the foundation of a construction site. The two then reconcile and make a vow to no longer commit murder. Love opens her bakery called “A Fresh Tart” – beneath which she and Joe build a new plexiglass cage – and discovers Theo is Matthew’s stepson.

    E.3 – “Missing White Woman Syndrome
    As Natalie’s disappearance attracts media attention, Joe and Love decide to frame Matthew for her murder by planting Natalie’s bloodstained scarf in his home. Henry contracts measles and is rushed to the hospital. While breaking into the Engler home, Joe discovers he too has measles and collapses; Matthew nurses him to health, and Joe suggests he make a statement to the press to clear his name, which Matthew does during a vigil for Natalie. Theo begins flirting with Love, who refuses his advances, though the two later bond at the hospital over Theo’s strained relationship with his stepfather. Dottie reveals she and Love’s father are divorcing, putting the family’s finances in flux. As Henry recovers, Joe and Love decide not to frame Matthew and burn the scarf. The police recover Natalie’s wedding ring. The next day, Gil, a neighbor, reveals to Love at her bakery that his daughters, whom he refused to vaccinate, gave Henry measles. An enraged Love bludgeons him unconscious as he leaves.

    E.4 – “Hands Across Madre Linda
    Joe and Love lock Gil in the plexiglass vault in the bakery’s basement. Realizing they cannot release Gil without assurances that he will not report the assault, Joe and Love search for incriminating information they can use as leverage for Gil’s silence. Love discovers through her family’s private investigator that Gil’s son is a sexual predator who they link to a recent assault case on a college campus. Gil, disgusted to learn that his son has continued his abusive behavior, hangs himself inside the cage. Joe and Love decide to frame Gil for Natalie’s death: Love plants the murder weapon with Gil’s fingerprints in the forest where Sherry has organized a community search for Natalie, while Joe moves Gil’s body to his residence and fabricates a suicide note from Gil declaring that he killed himself out of guilt over murdering Natalie. The ruse works and six months pass by in relative peace. Theo kisses Love after a heartfelt conversation, while Joe starts to become obsessed with Marienne.

    E.5 – “Into the Woods
    Joe and Love’s therapist suggests that Joe should make new friends, so he agrees to go on a hunting retreat with Cary – Sherry’s husband and a self-improvement guru – and his friends. Joe discovers that Love has been paying for Theo’s Uber trips and confronts her. Love says that Theo has nobody to look after him and confesses that Theo kissed her at the bakery. During the retreat, Cary takes Joe on a night hunt provokes him into fighting him; Joe pushes Cary over a cliff, knocking him out. Joe carries an unconscious Cary back to the camp, where he awakens and declares that he has helped Joe find his inner strength. Joe cries cathartically and embraces his newfound friends. Theo calls Love from the police station after getting detained for driving an electric scooter while inebriated. The two ride the scooter together and end up having sex. Dottie realizes what Love has done after she gets home, and Love decides to cut ties with Theo. Joe sets off the bakery’s alarm to give himself an alibi to leave the house and stalk Marienne.

    E.6 – “W.O.M.B.
    Joe begins probing into Marienne’s private life and discovers she is a recovering addict in the middle of a bitter custody battle with her ex-husband Ryan Goodwin, a local news reporter. He later intervenes in an argument between Ryan and Marienne at the library, but Marienne chastises him. The library’s sprinkler system suddenly malfunctions, and as Joe spends the night helping Marienne salvage books, she opens up about her personal struggles and they kiss passionately. Love, still reeling from Forty’s death, believes she may be pregnant with Theo’s child, but later realizes she is only menstruating. She gets drunk after an argument with her mother and hallucinates Forty’s presence, which helps her grieve him. Theo discovers that Matthew has been illegally spying on Madre Linda’s residents in an attempt to find Natalie’s real killer, and warns Love. Joe and Love agree that the latter should keep Theo around as a source of information on Matthew’s investigation.

    E.7 – “We’re All Mad Here
    Marienne decides not to pursue her feelings for Joe out of morality. Matthew enlists an expert programmer from his company to help him hack into Madre Linda’s security feeds. Love unsuccessfully initiates foreplay with Joe – who is now solely interested in Marienne – and later has sex with Theo again. Sherry enlists Love to help cater for the library’s fundraiser event. Joe plots to take down Ryan by engineering his relapse, but the plan fails when an apparently healthy Ryan confronts Joe at the fundraiser, aware that Joe has been following him. Love meets Marienne at the event; Sherry later approaches Love and tells her that she and Cary want to try swinging with Love and Joe. Dottie, devastated after losing both Anavrin and her vineyard to her ex-husband in her divorce settlement, kidnaps Henry and burns down the vineyard. She is sentenced to a stay in rehab, and Love cuts ties with her. Dottie confides to Joe that Love may have murdered her first husband, James.

    E.8 – “Swing and a Miss
    Joe goes along with Love’s interest in swinging with the Conrads, hoping it will expose their marriage as broken and enable him to pursue a relationship with Marienne. At Marienne’s request, Joe testifies at her custody hearing for she and Ryan’s daughter, but Marienne later calls Joe and tearfully reveals Ryan publicized sexually explicit photos she had sent him in an attempt to sabotage her case. Joe learns Ryan is friends with the judge in the case. Theo breaks into Matthew’s office and discovers his database of Madre Linda’s security feeds; Matthew catches him and tells him he suspects Love in Natalie’s disappearance. While having sex with the Conrads, Love notices Joe fantasizing about someone else and confronts him in private, loudly reminding him that she killed Natalie out of commitment to her marriage to Joe. The Conrads, who overheard the argument, attempt to flee the house, but Joe and Love subdue them and lock them in the glass cage. The two have passionate sex afterwards, realizing that they are aroused by violence.

    E.9 – “Red Flag
    Joe finds Cary’s gun while cleaning up the house. He later finds a dejected Marienne outside a liquor store, where she tells him Ryan is taking their daughter to New Jersey. Joe encourages her not to give up on her daughter, and the two have sex. Ryan later discovers Joe stalking him, leading to a struggle that ends with Joe stabbing Ryan to death. In an attempt to free herself and Cary from the cage, Sherry suggests to Love that she expose Matthew’s illegal surveillance on Sherry’s lifestyle blog. Love gives them Cary’s gun and offers to set one of them free if one kills the other, hoping to stage a murder-suicide. Theo offers to obtain a copy of Matthew’s surveillance footage, believing Love to be a victim of Joe’s domestic abuse based on a video feed of the two of them arguing. Matthew’s legal team demands that he delete his footage; Matthew complies, but not before Theo recovers a backup of the data. Theo analyzes the footage and discovers Joe leaving the bakery with Natalie’s car. He goes to the bakery to tell Love but finds the Conrads imprisoned in the cage. While leaving, he encounters Love, who bludgeons him with a fire extinguisher.

    E.10 – “What Is Love?
    Love admits to Joe that she attacked Theo and left him in the basement, and suggests the two have another baby. Joe discovers Theo is alive and takes him to the hospital. Love finds Joe’s discarded shirt stained with Ryan’s blood and realizes Joe is obsessed with Marienne. She confronts him at dinner, where Joe asks for a divorce. Love paralyzes Joe with aconite (with which she confesses to have accidentally killed James) and calls Marienne to the house, planning to kill her. While Love is away to deliver an order, Matthew discovers a paralyzed Joe, who reveals Theo’s location to him. Love returns and reveals to a horrified Marienne that Joe killed Ryan, but relents from killing her when Marienne’s daughter interrupts. After Marienne leaves, Love prepares to kill Joe, but he injects her with a lethal dose of aconite, having known about the poison and taken an antidote beforehand. Joe stages a murder-suicide, writing a note framing Love for all the Madre Linda murders and setting the house on fire. The Conrads find Love’s spare key inside the cage and free themselves, strengthening their marriage in the process. Matthew and Theo grow closer over the latter’s recovery. Joe leaves Henry in the care of Dante, his coworker at the library. He then adopts a new identity and escapes to Paris in search of Marienne.

Critical response
Season 1
According to Rotten Tomatoes, the first season has a 93% approval rating with 60 reviews, with an average rating of 7.10/10. Review aggregator Metacritic gave the first season a normalized score of 74 out of 100 based on 29 critics.

Season 2
On Rotten Tomatoes, the second season has an 87% approval rating with an average rating of 8.01/10, based on 45 reviews. On Metacritic, the second season has a weighted average score of 74 out of 100, based on 17 critics.

Season 3
On Rotten Tomatoes, the third season holds a 96% approval rating with an average rating of 8.00/10 based on 53 reviews. On Metacritic, the third season has a weighted average score of 77 out of 100, based on 13 critics.


Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager at Mooney’s who stalks and dates Beck in the first season. In the second season, he goes by the name Will Bettelheim and works as a bookstore clerk at Anavrin, and stalks and dates Love. In season 3 he is going by Joe once more, married to Love Quinn with their child.  Joe is portrayed as a teenager by Gianni Ciardiello in season one, and as a child by Aidan Wallace and Jack Fisher in seasons two and three respectively
Elizabeth Lail as Guinevere Beck (season 1; special guest season 2), a broke NYU graduate student and an aspiring writer who enters into a relationship with Joe
Luca Padovan as Paco (season 1), Joe’s young neighbor who sees Joe as a source of support and a role model.
Zach Cherry as Ethan Russell (season 1), a bookstore clerk who works with Joe and dates Beck’s friend Blythe
Shay Mitchell as Peach Salinger (season 1), a wealthy and influential socialite and Beck’s best friend whom she met at Brown University and harbours a secret passion for her
Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn (seasons 2–3), an aspiring chef and health guru in Los Angeles who gets involved with Joe and has dark secrets herself
Jenna Ortega as Ellie Alves (season 2), Delilah’s fifteen-year-old sister who lives in the same block of apartments as Joe/Will
James Scully as Forty Quinn (season 2; special guest season 3), Love’s beloved and troubled twin brother who relies on Love for support in most matters due to his addictions and mental health issues
Ambyr Childers as Candace Stone (season 2; recurring season 1), Joe’s ex-girlfriend who follows him to Los Angeles seeking revenge
Carmela Zumbado as Delilah Alves (season 2), Ellie’s older sister, an investigative reporter who leases Joe’s flat to him and they have a brief romantic encounter
Saffron Burrows as Dottie Quinn (season 3; recurring season 2), Love and Forty’s mother
Tati Gabrielle as Marienne Bellamy (season 3–present), a librarian and keen observer of the neighborhood’s denizens. Beneath her practical exterior, Marienne is hiding personal struggles that set her back, as she tries to create a better life for herself and her daughter.
Shalita Grant as Sherry Conrad (season 3), a locally famous “momfluencer”, admired by her social media followers for her well crafted persona, she often insults people through veiled insults and sees herself as superior to everyone in Madre Linda. She is very fake and only seeks something for her own personal interest
Travis Van Winkle as Cary Conrad (season 3), a wealthy, charismatic, and self-proclaimed founder who runs his own supplement company who is married to Sherry with whom they share twin girls
Dylan Arnold as Theo Engler (season 3), a troubled college student who has a strained relationship with his stepfather, Matthew Engler and harbours a crush on Love
Lukas Gage as Adam (season 4)
Charlotte Ritchie as Kate (season 4), a fearsomely intelligent art gallery director. Her partying boyfriend Malcolm will bring Joe into their lives.
Tilly Keeper as Lady Phoebe (season 4)
Amy Leigh Hickman as Nadia (season 4)
Ed Speleers as Rhys (season 4)
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