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Addison Rae

Actor/ Actress, Tik Toker

Addison Rae

Actor/ Actress, Tik Toker
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    Lafayette, LA
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    In a Relationship

Addison Rae

Addison Rae is known for being the highest paid TikToker in 2021. Her fame stems from both her TikTok and Instagram platforms. Addison began posting on TikTok in 2019 and soon after gained a mass following of over 88 million followers. She's has a tremendous amount of social media success, and is a nominee for multiple Streamy Awards and People's Choice Awards. Addison is currently living in Los Angeles, continuing to pursue her career as one of the top influencers in the world. Addison Rae attended Louisiana State University, although her residency was short-lived. She briefly studied journalism, but her college career only lasted for a few months. During college she created her TikTok account and gained followers much quicker than she anticipated. Once she was able to make a living off of social media she dropped out of college to pursue her dreams. Addison Rae moved to Los Angelos to help build her career, find new opportunities, and join the Hype House. The Hype House is a group of influencers that use their followers to help build and empower each other's brands. Addison's social media presence reached new heights because of her association with this group. Addison joined the Hype House in 2019. She's since left the group but still remains friends with many of the members. Addison is friends with the D'amelio sisters, former Hype House members. She also has a famously addictive friendship with Kourtney Kardashian. The two became best friends very quickly, despite their age differences. Addison and her mother Sherri both have a podcast called "That Was Fun?". The podcast currently has only one season. She also launched merch collections with different companies, such as Fancy and Addison Rae's mother and father frequently make appearances on her TikTok and instagram content. Rumors speculate that Monty, Addison's father, and Sherri are currently living separately, away from each other.

Addison Rae was born in Lafayette, Louisiana. At a young age, she grew up in poverty. Her family once lived out of a camper, moving between Texas and Louisiana. Dancing has always been a passion for Addison. She started dancing competitively when she was six years old.


Addison Rae has grown her career throughout may different avenues. She is a singer, and gained critical acclaim from her first single Obsessed. The single has reached over 40,000 streams on Spotify. Addison also starred in the Netflix original He’s All That.


In the beginning of her career, Addison Rae was in a relationship with Bryce Hall. Bryce is known for being a controversial influencer, which is why their relationship may have ended. Today, Addison is in a relationship with musician Omer Fedi. They have been dating since 2021.


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