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Did Addison Rae and Ohmer Fedi Break Up?

Oct 19
Did Addison Rae and Ohmer Fedi Break Up?

Did Addison Rae and Ohmer Fedi Break Up?

Mysterious online behavior has fans thinking “maybe.”


Addison Rae has been going strong with boyfriend Ohmer Fedi for a while now, in fact it’s been over two whole years. Through it all Ohmer has remained pretty lowkey and the relationship has been pretty private, with Addison only occasionally sharing images of her boo thang.

But recently there’s been less and less references to Ohmer on Addison’s accounts, and she even recently liked a tweet that read “dating is like, here’s my sad stupid life I guess, take it or leave it.” Of course no one thinks Addison’s life is sad or stupid, but liking the post could suggest she is going through some things at the moment. Could those things be a break up?

That remains to be seen, but if it is the case, it got us thinking about who the best next man for Addison may be. Thinking a lot about it actually, so much so that we thought we’d make a list.


She could try Lil Huddy.


As we all know by now, the friendship between Addison and the D’Amelios didn’t last over the years. The group were once quite close, posting near daily videos together, with Addison particularly becoming close with Dixie. But now that it’s been a few years, we think it’s sufficiently kosher for Addison to pursue Lil Huddy in the event she is single.


And let’s face it, Lil Huddy could use it. Since losing Charli he hasn’t had a whole lot going on. His music career hasn’t exactly taken off, and his Tiktok posts have gotten a bit stale to say the least. Ultimately it’s going to take a high profile relationship to get him back in the news circuit. We think Addison is a good option, especially if it’s a way of starting a beef with Charli and Landon — something that would be peak entertainment to say the least.


Zac Efron is out there.


Admittedly this one is a long shot, and just about every person under the sun is attracted to Efron, but maybe there’s a chance. Addison is certainly not lacking in the looks or personality department, and Efron hasn’t had any serious relationships in quite a while. While it may be a bit difficult since Zac mostly lives in Australia these days, maybe Addison can be the one to bring him back into the Hollywood scene.


Plus Addison once admitted Zac was her celebrity crush, so it’s not the first time it’s been floated. After a guy like Ohmer, Zac could be a bit more clean cut and typical in a way that’s refreshing to Addison. And frankly, to a lot of us.


A Bryce Hall Reunion.


Yes, this is the longest of shots, but let’s face it, Bryce has been aimless for years without Addison. He still posts a lot, he hangs out with Josh Richards, he trolls some other influencers, but he doesn’t have anything to do. That’s because he has lost the career focus and life structure that being with Addison offers.


So while going back to Bryce may not be the best thing for Addison to do next, it is for Bryce. Maybe she will remember the special times they spent together, when they were both first getting famous, and the nostalgia will drive her back to him. We all know Bryce prays for it daily.

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