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Emily Ratajkowski is ready to date again

Sep 09
Emily Ratajkowski is ready to date again
Brianna Walmark

Emily Ratajkowski is ready to date again

  • Emily Ratajkowski is openly saying she’s ready to get back into the dating scene 
  • All of this comes after her public divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard
  • As she is diving back into the dating scene she is unleashing her feelings post-breakup 


Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski is getting ready to put herself back out there as she searches for Mr. Right. Emily is ready to move past her breakup as Sebastian was explained by sources to Page Six “Yeah, he cheated. He’s a serial cheater. It’s gross. He’s a dog.” In addition, she has been using TikTok to send fuel to this fire as the Tik Tok said, “patriarchy does not give space for the existence of love” where Emily dueted the Tok Tok and gave her own take.

She also said, “Under patriarchy there’s this premise of men getting women, pulling them like there’s something to possess. Which I feel as a recently single person who’s thinking about dating and stuff I’ve really seen that with my friends and with the conversations kind of around it is like, oh whos going to get her? Rather than this is a reciprocal, mutual relationship where two people could potentially foster love”. 

But this TikTok is not the only one she made where she is pinpointing her thoughts on relationships and men as a whole. In another video, she dueted a clip where a woman talks about the male gaze and how women typically are so focused on what men think that we forget to appreciate our true beauty where Emily says, “ It’s kind of crazy that women are so used to seeing women sexualized and sexualizing themselves that we are used to being sexualized during sex”. 

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