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Harry Styles plays a gay character!

Sep 12
Harry Styles plays a gay character!
Brianna Walmark

Harry Styles plays a gay character!

  • Harry Styles is once again making his appearance on the big screen 
  • But this time he’s playing a role of a closeted gay character 
  • He shares his expereince at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival 


Singer and actor Harry Styles is adding an additional role under his belt as his newest film ‘My Policeman’ premiered over the weekend at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival. Harry plays a closeted gay policeman. In a recent press conference at the film festival, he shared his experience as he took on this role. Harry says, “I think he’s someone who is born into a very small world and, if you’re born into that kind of environment, you feel like you know where the edge of the world is. Slowly throughout the story, I think he’s realizing that it is a little further away than Brighton.

I think people live entire lives in very small bubbles like that. And if that’s how you’ve been brought up, and everyone around you. And generations before you, your parents, etc. have all lived within their kind of small bubble. It’s obviously very difficult to even picture the world outside of that. So I think when he meets someone like [his lover] Patrick, who is well-traveled and likes art, he finds himself kind of being curious about those things,” 

Harry Styles also gave insight into why he considers this film a drama. He shares, “For me, the reason why the story is so devastating is that, ultimately, the whole story is about wasted time, and I think wasted time is the most devastating thing. Because it’s the one thing we cannot control. It’s the one thing you can’t have back. And I think the one thing that I think matters — whatever kind of life you’ve lived — at the end when you think back on time with people you love.”

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