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How Lil Nas X gets a confidence boost

Sep 15
How Lil Nas X gets a confidence boost
Brianna Walmark

How Lil Nas X gets a confidence boost

  • Backstage at the Coach runway for New York Fashion Week, How Lil Nas X gets a confidence boost
  • In the interview, she explains that even during his hardest days he tries to keep confident 
  • And also on the topic of fashion, he shares who his style icon is


Rapper Lil Nas X is slaying the runway as he made an appearance for Coach at the New York Fashion Week show. Lil Nas X is known for his crazy performances. Αnd always noteworthy outfits so it was no surprise that he got invited to walk the runway. In an interview with E! News, he gave insight as to where his notable fashion sense comes from. He shares, “ “I’m always like let’s try something that I haven’t really done before. With the help of my amazing stylist, Hodo Musa, she really makes sure I’m always right”.  In the show, he was wearing some pink jelly shoes paired with a gold clutch some black leather shorts, and a black leather vest 

In order to pull off the craziest of outfits, one must exude confidence. So in the interview, he shares how he keeps his head up high even during his darker days and what he tells himself as he says, “‘We’re gonna make it through the day. And usually, the days when I’m the most uncomfortable, I find it be the best days for growth.” Lil Nas also shares who he looks up to when it comes to fashioν. Ηe said that Rihanna was his fashion icon. He says, “She always does whatever the f–k she wants with fashion.” in terms of him making his appearance for Coach’s fashion show he shared “I’m happy to be a part of something so unique and groundbreaking in the beauty world. Shout out to YSL for embracing me and my campness and for inspiring change for the next generation of beauty.”

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