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Johnny Depp has a fling with one of his old lawyers

Sep 23
Johnny Depp has a fling with one of his old lawyers
Brianna Walmark

Johnny Depp has a fling with one of his old lawyers

  • Johnny Depp is supposedly entangled with one of his old lawyers 
  • It happened to be one of the lawyers that represented him in his U.K libel case 
  • And although he lost the case, it seems like he could have won love instead 

Love might possibly be in the air for actor Johnny Depp. There is speculation that he has been seeing his old lawyer Joelle Rich who assisted in representing him in the U.K libel case that was going against The Sun. Although he didn’t win the case, US Weekly is claiming he gained something different from it. He did obviously have a different lawyer representing him in the viral case again his ex Amber Heard where speculations arose after people thought he and Camille Vasquez had a secret romance.

But, US Weekly notes that Joelle was actually present in the courtroom during this case showing her support saying, “there was no professional obligation for her being there. It was personal. Their chemistry is off the charts. It’s serious between them. They are the real deal.”

It has also been noted that at the beginning of their entanglement, Joelle was actually married at the time. They would secretly meet up in hotels but as of recently, Joelle is undergoing a divorce from her husband, and the two share two children together. The trial where Joelle helped represented him occurred in 2020, so it seems like the two have gained a relationship post-trial.

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