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Millie Bobby Brown is in love with Noah Schnapp 

Nov 09
Millie Bobby Brown is in love with Noah Schnapp 
Brianna Walmark

Millie Bobby Brown is in love with Noah Schnapp 


  • Millie Bobby Brown is setting the record straight with her costar Noah Schnapp 
  • A new interview is giving updates about her love life 
  • And where she stands with her new boyfriend 


Millie Bobby Brown is in love with Noah Schnapp. During an interview on the Drew Barrymore Show Stranger Things star, Millie Bobby Brown is opening up about some new details in her life. Since the start of Stranger Things, many people have recognized the close relationship she and Noah have had. Some even believed it was more than a friendship. Now, Millie is dating Jake Bongiovi and he even made a note about their friendship. 


When Millie and Jake first started dating she noted how Jake noticed right away the love she has for Noah. Millie shares, “Jake, by the way, who is my boyfriend, when we first met, Jake was like, ‘You guys are in love. But it’s in the most platonic way.” She then continued to note how impactful and important she and Noah’s friendship has always been. She says, “We were always able to kind of connect with each other and it’s so platonic, which is so beautiful.” Although their friendship has always been platonic, Millie and Noah had announced that if they were both single by 40 years old they would get married to eachother. At the time they told MTV News “We said if we’re not married by 40, we’ll get married together. Because we’d be good roomies”. Noach then said, Millie then replied with “We would.” No kids, though, cause I could not deal with a child of yours,” to Which Noah added, “That’s my dealbreaker. No kids.”

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