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Nina Dobrev and Shaun White are the perfect match

Aug 31
Nina Dobrev and Shaun White are the perfect match
Brianna Walmark

Nina Dobrev and Shaun White are the perfect match

  • Nina Dobrev’s ex-costar gushed about her and Shaun’s relationship 
  • She shared that the two bring the best out in each other 
  • And at the end of the day are a match made in heaven 


Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev and professional snowboarder Shaun White might just be a match made in heaven. One of Nina’s best friends can even attest to how amazing the pair is together. Nina Dobrev and Shaun White are the perfect match. Former roommate and costar Kayla Ewell knows Nina maybe a little too well. As she knows what is best for her and who will be good for her and with some great perspective and knowledge she can verify that this happens to be true.

In a PEOPLE interview at the ‘This is About Humanity 4th Anniversary Soiree’ Kayla is vouching for Nina and Shaun’s relationship as she said, “I lived with Nina for years. She and I are so close. And it’s so fun to finally see her with someone that brings out the best version of her.” She goes on to say that the two are ‘so much fun together’. And she even went on to describe them as jokesters 

Kayla also told PEOPLE that she and her husband Tanner Novlan, “joke with them all the time that they need to stop traveling because … [they’re never] home. We live right by them right now. But we’re like, ‘Well, we’ll see you next time you’re home,’ because they just left again for another three months.”

Kayla’s husband also voiced his opinion on Nina and Shaun saying that the two are going to run out of places to take their honeymoon because they travel so frequently and to many different places. Before competing in the 2022 Beijing Olympics Shaun expresses how much of an impact Nina has had on his life. He said, “Nina’s incredible. What an influence on my life. Not only does she run her own show, her own world, companies she’s interacting in, things she’s producing, all this stuff going on. She holds me to this same high standard which is so wonderful to have in a partner.”


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