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Todd and Julie Chrisley sentenced to prison 

Nov 23
Todd and Julie Chrisley sentenced to prison 
Brianna Walmark

Todd and Julie Chrisley sentenced to prison

  • Reality TV stars Todd and Julie Chrisley will spend time behind bars
  • Both were sentenced on the counts of ​​ bank fraud and tax evasion
  • And now due to their sentence, they might be losing their reality TV show too 

Todd and Julie Chrisley sentenced to prison. The family of Chrisley will be losing their TV screen time. There is confirmation that husband and wife Todd and Julie Chrisley were caught guilty of fraud. Since the sentencing the family could be losing their three reality tv shows,Chrisley Knows Best, Growing Up Chrisley, and Love Limo. Although there is talk about the shows being canceled there still hasn’t been any official confirmation.


Chrisley Knows Best has been televised since 2014 and the tenth season is currently being filmed. Due to the new sentencing of Todd and Julie Chrisley, the already recorded episodes will air regardless of the cancellation of the show. They portrayed themselves with this lavish lifestyle. They just got caught red-handed for  faking audits, and bank statements to get millions of dollars in loans.  Julie will serve 7 years in prison while Todd will be serving 12 years and they both will serve at the same time leaving behind their children, some being underage. 

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