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Coco Quinn

Singer, Tik Toker, Youtuber

Coco Quinn

Singer, Tik Toker, Youtuber
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    Los Angeles, California
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Coco Quinn

Coco Quinn was born on June 7, 2008, currently making her 14 years of age in 2022. She was born in Los Angeles, California, and has resided there her whole life. Coco is still currently enrolled at her local school in California. Coco Quinn's nationality is American. She believes in the Christian religion and has grown up in a Christian household her whole life. Ever since Coco Quinn was a little girl she has always wanted to pursue an acting and singing career. Her first big appearance where she showed the world her talent, was when she starred on the hit show Dance Moms. In 2010 she started her Youtube channel which is now pretty popular. On her channel she does a lot of lifestyle videos, such as back to school shopping videos. Coco Quinn is also a singer. Since her rise to fame she has released many singles. Some of the most recent songs she has released are 'Stories' and 'Write About My Life'. She has done a little acting in her lifetime including starring in the show 'Stitchers' and playing a role in the web series 'Mani'. She is currently most recognized for her songs and music videos. Coco Quinn is also a pretty big social media star on many different platforms. She is present on the platforms Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok where she has an extremely large following. On Youtube she has 1.51 million subscribers, on Instagram she has 1.8 million followers, and on TikTok she has 2.9 million followers. She is very well-known on all of these platforms. Coco Quinn has been lucky and has extremely supportive parents when it comes to her career. Her dad goes by the name of Mr. Quinn and her moms name is Jeannie Quinn. Her dads job is being a businessman while her moms job is being a stay at home housewife and dancer.

Coco Quinn was born on June 7, 2008, currently making her 14 years of age in 2022. Coco was born in Los Angeles, California, and has resided there her whole life. Coco is still currently enrolled at her local school in California.

Her career is in the singing industry, along with being a social media influencer and dancer.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

At age two, Coco Quinn started rhythmic gymnastics. She later decided to switch to dance; however, we’re sure that the rhythmic gymnastics background helped her to improve and enhance her dance skills.

Coco Quinn is also one of the top 20 gymnasts in the United States and was chosen to represent the US as a part of the national youth squad.

Who knew that when she started rhythmic gymnastics she would turn into such a superstar?

Dancing: Petite Diamond Line and the Mini Elite Competition Team

A few years after she started gymnastics, she and her sisters started training at Dance Precisions. She trained at Just Plain Dancin’ after that. Afterward, Quinn took part in numerous dance performances and contests. She competed in the Riverside, California Showbiz Talent Competition and took first prize in the petite diamond line.

This talented dancer then joined Dance Precisions’ small elite competition team. She started her first year of competitive dance in 2013, and in 2014, she was given the chance to perform dance solos.

Coco Quinn has won numerous dance competitions with outstanding dance performances. Many events, such as Showbiz, Starpower National, WCDE Nationals, and KAR (Redondo Beach), have featured her solo performances. She’s also danced with several groups in lyrical, jazz, and hip-hop dance styles. Coco has shared the stage with a few popular choreographers, such as Mandy Rogers, Erik Sandoval, and Erica Leo.

Series, YouTube, and Promos

Additionally, Coco Quinn started to make appearances in the well-known Brat channel web series “Mani” and “Chicken Girls,” where she plays the character Katie Miller. She’s also appeared in a number of ads, one of which promoted Bing Bong plush toys.

Quinn posts videos on the Quinn Sisters YouTube channel, which she co-runs with her two sisters, Kaylee and Rihanna. T the talented trio posts entertaining real-life challenges, hilarious skits, travel vlogs, shopping hauls, inventive DIYs, and other fun material on their YouTube channel.

The talented teenager also released her debut single, “What I Love About Me,” in July 2020. Beautiful Lies, which she released in 2021, is another song that Coco Quinn fans absolutely adore!

Based on audience insights and data, we can all expect to see Coco Quinn popping up on our social media sites and browser for years to come!

Most of the time, her videos on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube go viral.

She is associated with Jordan Omley who produces her music videos.

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