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Britney Spears Shades Selena Gomez

Oct 31
Britney Spears Shades Selena Gomez

Britney Spears Shades Selena Gomez

Fans are convinced Britney Spears wrote a new song that digs at Selena, no one is sure why.

One of our big take aways from the Britney Spears memoir after it was released last week was that Britney didn’t seem to have much energy for music anymore, well now apparently she just might. After not saying she had any plans to make new music any time soon, Britney has now posted on Instagram to announce that she wrote a new song.


That song is called “Hate You to Like Me.” Well, you may have noticed that it has an eerily similar to name to Selena Gomez‘s hit song “Lose You to Love Me.” A lot of people think that’s less than a coincidence.


Fans are conflicted.

Of course there have been few fan bases as singularly dedicated to a star than Britney’s. For decades now die hards have led the historically pertinent “Free Britney Movement,” and for the most part millions of fans have been eager to stand by and support Britney.

But in this instance she seems to be bumping heads with a star who generates a similar level of adoration in Selena Gomez. Ever since Julena, and the subsequent emotional mess that was created, fans have been ardent in their support for Gomez. So pitting her against Britney here, seemingly out of no where, is sure to create a lot of internal conflict for fans.


Not everyone is convinced the song is a dig.

Some in the comments are adamant that Britney means the title as a slight. One comment noted that Britney “couldn’t enjoy her memoir and all the praise she’s getting” and “just has to insult Selena somehow.”

But not everyone agrees with that sentiment, and Britney even wrote in the caption “No beef with anyone.” Some argued that just because the lyric is similar to Selena’s doesn’t mean its a dig, it could even be out of homage to Selena’s classic song.


The two do have history.

Last we heard Selena and Britney were actually pretty good friends. Selena attended Britney’s wedding to Sam Asghari and Britney posted a photo of them saying how much she loved Selena. She even celebrated Selena’s work for mental health awareness as an inspiration.


So did something change since then? Or is the new song title simply done with total respect to Selena? Britney seemed to realize that it wasn’t the best look by including the “no beef” part in her caption.  Time will  have to tell on this one.

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