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Charli D’Amelio Caught “All Over” New Guy

Dec 14
Charli D’Amelio Caught “All Over” New Guy
Hollywire Team

Charli D’Amelio Caught “All Over” New Guy

According to someone who worked Seth McFarlene’s holiday party where Charli D’Amelio was spotted by the paparazzi getting cozy with someone who wasn’t her boyfriend Landon Baker – Charli and this guy who has been identified as Alex Novian were “all over each other” despite Charli initially trying to squash these rumors. 


As this source commented on a TikTok about the situation saying, “I worked as a server at that event. Charli and Alex were all over each other at it.” Someone then replied, “R u fr” and the source responded, “yeah they left together.” 


Many fans believe this source is making this up to bring Charli down. But it looks like tea pages who are now posting this comment, did get in touch with the server at the holiday party and confirmed he is telling the truth. 


This news is somewhat confusing to fans who also noticed that Landon was wearing Charli’s green sweatshirt in an Instagram story with the text “yo this me.” Landon does look sad in his selfie, and while he did tell fans earlier that he has a “resting B- face” it is possible that here he is actually sad about the news. 

Another interesting development – as the news about Charli and Alex was spreading yesterday, Charli abruptly canceled her live stream for her fragrance and Ulta Beauty, convincing some fans that she did this because she didn’t want to address her relationship rumors.

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