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Chelsea Handler shares why she broke up with Jo Koy

Dec 28
Chelsea Handler shares why she broke up with Jo Koy
Hollywire Team

Chelsea Handler shares why she broke up with Jo Koy 

  • This past year Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy have broken things off 
  • The two split 5 months ago dude to some differenced 
  • And now Chelsea is explaining certain behaviors she witnessed that made her break it off 

Comedian Chelsea Handler is opening up about her public breakup with Jo Koy. The two officially broke up this past year in July. Since their split, it has given Chelsea some time to reflect and move on. She is now sharing on Brooke ShieldsNow What? podcast certain behaviors that Jo had she didnt like and how the two just overall didnt align.


While on the podcast Chelsea starts to share, “There were just some behaviors that we couldn’t agree on, and it felt to me like I would have to abandon myself—which maybe I would have been OK to do if I were 20 or 25—but I wasn’t willing to do that.No matter how much I loved this person,  and I loved him so much, I was not going to abandon myself.”Chelsea continued, “I was like, ‘I’m not going to change this, I’m not going to change the way that I behave in order to make you feel more comfortable. I’m not doing that.’ And I had to walk away from something that I really believed was gonna be a forever relationship, and so that was difficult.”

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