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Cynthia Parker Calls out Influencer Culture

Nov 01
Cynthia Parker Calls out Influencer Culture

Cynthia Parker Calls out Influencer Culture

Her comments were captured live on Tiktok.


It’s been about a year now since Cynthia Parker was mass unfollowed by a who’s who of Tiktok celebs. The popular online personality was clearly embroiled in some drama at the time that didn’t play out well for her.

Well now she has gone live with her perspective on all of it, and really the entire culture of online celebrities in Los Angeles. She did not speak kindly of it.


Los Angeles is a trap.

Cynthia made clear that she does not want to live in LA, but that the city is a “trap.” She says that people only stay here because their career demands it, but that there’s really no other reason to enjoy the city.


She says people have to be in the state regardless of whether they like it or not. Well, that may be true for her, but many people of course do love Los Angeles for its beautiful weather and unique neighborhoods. Not to mention there are plenty of ways to be an influencer from another state.


Messy Cynthia

Cynthia says that “messy Cynthia” is a side of herself she wishes she was able to show, because she wishes she could be upfront and honest with her fans as much as possible. Unfortunately the repercussions of it make it hard for her.


For big stars like Cynthia, anything they do will end up in the tabloids. So if she does show a “different side to herself” it will end up making headlines and leading to more drama than it’s worth. It’s easy to feel very very sorry for her.


No New Tea.

Still, Cynthia didn’t really give specifics in her live. She expressed frustration but refused to say names or tell any stories that would really give us insight into just why she feels this way.


So for now this story is still developing, here’s to hoping there’s more info on the way.

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